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Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

One of the big buzz terms of the last few years has been “Digital Storytelling.” Teachers of all grades want to integrate digital storytelling into their curriculum to enhance student learning.  This has the added benefit of being fun and creating a pretty impressive final product  that can be published and viewed anywhere. You can’t

Don't forget about your lonely bookmarks

I pretty much have two main ways I bookmark things. I use Diigo (like Delicious, but better) for most things that I want to save and categorize.  These are things that I may not need every day, I may need from multiple computers, I want to share with others or I may need to search

Yours truly, (now sign your name)

This tip is for those teachers who occasionally write letters on their computer and then email them off without ever touching a sheet of actual paper. For instance, if you apply for a job and need to upload a letter of introduction or if you email a document to your office, it needs to be

Going to the Innovative Learning Conference?

The Innovative Learning Conference is one of the premier  Ed-tech events in California and it’s quickly approaching (Oct  14-16). If you plan on attending be sure to take advantage of Discovery’s opportunities, including a very generous $40 discount on registration fees, a preconference event and rockin dinner. I remember the ol’ days when I used

Some links to Keep You Busy

These come via Twitter courtesy of DEN member Fred Delventhal.  If I had to follow one ed tech leader on Twitter I think Fred would be the one. Check out his blog here. Some of the latest: Google Apps Tips 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks Ways to Exhibit Student Art on the Internet

Getting Tiny…er

If you use Tiny URL or Twitter… See for yourself: Techcrunch review Check out the Firefox extension too Could this be used for annotations and citations? What if you/student used a photo in a project and simply used a TinyPaste link to credit the author or photographer? Would that be a legal way to

DE Streaming Updates- webinar dates

This is a cross-post of a previous National Blog Post: Discovery Education is excited to announce many new GREAT additions coming your way to streaming! This includes the long awaited and asked for Student Center where your students will have ability to log on and download media, better correlation with your state standards, more refined