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Great Websites for ELL or anyone…

Great Websites for ELL or anyone…

We all have our favorite websites for learning.  I’m talking about sites that provide useful tools, frequently Web 2.0 style.  These are mostly things that we couldn’t even have imagined in a desktop environment a few years ago, let alone on the web.  With thousands of great sites out there, and more coming every day, 


I just really wanted to say “nomenclature” so I thought I’d write an entire post on it. Actually, I had been a bit confused by the changes in names of some Discovery products over the last few months and wanted to get a few things cleared up. In particular, I was curious about the new

Simple text changes for your website

These days, we all use different applications to modify our websites.  Some people use MS Frontpage or Dreamweaver, some use Mac accounts and many people have different types of web hosting, such as Google Pages, Teacher Web, or even Word Press (such as this blog).  Whatever tool you use to host your site, sometimes the

Mergers and Acquisitions

I’m sure those of you who are blog savvy have heard the news of Discovery acquiring . If you’ve never seen the site, it has tons of useful info presented in a manner that kids can enjoy. I’ve had my fourth graders do many different mini-projects and papers using HowStuff Works as a resource.

Best Practices

I keep thinking of some of the general guidelines I try to follow on a daily basis in my classroom; particularly things of educational technology relevance. What pitfalls do teachers want to stay away from when using tech? What things do we want to make sure we do consistently when using tech? How can we

American Film Institute- CSUMB

“Lights, Camera, Action!” reverberated through the halls of the Foreign Language Lab at CSUMB Saturday, September 22. Eighteen budding filmmakers (educators all!) from across Central California learned filming concepts, and then shot and critiqued three short videos over an eight hour seminar with Frank Gutter of the American Film Institute Screen Education program. A partnership

Cast Away!

You likely know what a podcast is, but do you know what a screencast is?  How about a sketchcast?  I’ve been using screencasts as tutorials and marketing elements for quite some time now. A screencast is essentially a video of what a user sees on his or her computer monitor, complete with mouse trails, text