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One of my friend and STAR member Mike Alexander just introduced to a very interesting graphical knowledge engine. Take a look Eyeplorer!!  I have not had enough time to explore all of the applications yet. However, I can see real values in the classroom. So far, I nave found images, websearch, twitter, and facts to

Start Blogging from the Cell Phone

For the past two summers I have blogged my way out west and into Canada. My friends  and family have enjoyed the daily adventures of my crazy life as I led them through the ethnic foods I tasted, people that I met and beautiful scenery that I was seeing for the first time. It started

Hang In There …..Just A Few Days Left

Are you looking for something to fill those last days of school or review before the last days of testing?  Jeopardy Labs has tons of ready made games or templates to do your own. Have some competition among groups by using GPS devices. Hide cashes with questions from any of Discovery Streaming Videos that follow


Eisenhower before the D-Day invasion of Normandy.. IRC. 2005. Discovery Education. 2 April 2009   This year I have had  the rare privilege of teaching a group of twenty fifth grade boys that love to read. They all tend to be drawn toward fantasy novels and have not ventured into many other genres. So this

Social Networking

I wanted to share a wonderful resource with all of you. Many times we find great tools that we just need to share. One such tool that I have been using for several years is a Social Networking tool called delicious.I know odd name …especially odd when you say “I should give you my delicious”

Fun Links

 If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Palm Breeze Café link…. then you must take a look. They have simplified finding some great resources by putting links in one location. In the hot links section you will find Wordle, Zamzar and my favorite Bubble Comment. You’ll also like the links under hot stuff,

Assessment Sites

Calling all new fifth grade teachers!!! This is my first year teaching the North Carolina fifth grade curriculum. (With sixteen years of service teaching every grade from pre-k to 4th) I now have a better understanding of the concept for the television game show “Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader?” The amount of material

A Taste Of Technology

Hildebran Elementary School in Burke County, N.C.  took time for a “Taste of Technology” this month.  During the half day in-service, teachers had an opportunity to enjoy a lunch of “bites” megabytes, kilobytes, (heavy hors d ‘oeuvres) as they “wet their appetites with new technology skills”. Tina Stevens (new DEN member) spoke to the staff about

The World is Hot, Flat, and Crowded

If you are a Thomas Friedman fan as I am, you will be interested in this link that features a video and PowerPoint of his latest book Hot, Flat ,and Crowded. Educators may find many of Friedman’s comments in this presentation are very timely with the possible collapse of the American auto industry. World

Election Day Tidbits

Hi Stars…..This is my first blog for DEN and I am thrilled to be a part of the DEN LC.  Maybe I will be able to share a few  new sites with you this month. As a classroom teacher…I am always looking for interactive sites for my students that relate to our area of study. Sooooo…..