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We knew it all along

We knew it all along

Congratulations, Discovery Education Assessment, on being selected as one of the top software products of the year.  These choices were made by actual users of the products, by people who have discovered what we are living every day: the more we know about  how are students are learning, the better our instruction be tailored to

Core Reading Programs and Benchmark assessments

Schools in Florida are currently busy selecting the Core Curriculum Reading Program that will help us teach reading to a diverse population for the next 6 years.  Most of the programs on the state’s approved program list offer benchmark assessments 3 or 4 times per year.  If you have had experience with benchmark assessments from

The "New" Curriculum

A recently published U.S. News and World report article entitled “Schools Cut Other Subjects to Teach Reading and Math” addresses the issue of schools focusing more on Reading and Math at the expense of other subjects in an effort to meet the demands of NCLB and high-stakes testing.  In speaking with various colleagues across my

More on Tracking Student Progress

Hello everyone; Our first ThinkLink results are in! The teachers at our school have been excitedly analyzing their students’ scores and comparing notes with previous teachers about individual student concerns and successes.  For the most part, the ThinkLink reports were more positive for the majority of my second graders than some other assessments in Language

Student data notebooks

Our first ThinkLink assessment of the 0708 school year is well under way.  This is our second year with ThinkLink Lanugage Arts and Math, and we look forward to giving our first Science assessment in the near future. Our teachers use data notebooks as a way to keep all assessment information in one place.  This

Monthly Pacing Guides and Think Link Learning

The teachers in my school, as well as, teachers across the local school system, have been using Think Link Learning for several years.  Many teachers agree that the assessments provide reliable and specific data that improve classroom instruction and student learning.  Recently, our system has developed monthly curriculum pacing guides and corresponding assessments.  Needless to

Ready, Set, Go!

We’re back in full swing at Paint Lick Elementary! The first ThinkLink tests have been given.  My new second graders did a great job bubbling in their answers on the answer sheet for the first time.  Only six out of the twenty-four chose to circle in the booklet first.  I noticed, too, that the choice


Hello!  My name is Paula, and I am very excited to serve as a guest author on this site!  I am entering my thirteenth year in elementary education.  Prior to becoming a curriculum coordinator for an elementary school, I was a Third Grade teacher.  As a classroom teacher, I administered the Think Link Learning assessments

Rethinking assessment for the new school year

I have enjoyed reading the thought provoking postings over the past few weeks.  As we plan for the start of a new school year, I am working on ways to help teachers see data analysis as part of their everyday instructional planning and not just something that we do in team meetings.  We use data

Assessment and Student Motivation

Hello everyone! I’ve had a great time this summer reading up on authentic assessment tools used in today’s classrooms:  observation, discussion, portfolios, checklists, interviews, learning logs, rubrics, and self-assessments.  Although I often find it difficult to carve out the time for interviews or conferencing with individual students, it seems these special times provide rich rewards