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What about performance based assessment?

What about performance based assessment?

I am teaching at a teacher institute in two weeks and I was putting together my presentations.  My first title was “Using Technology for Authentic Assessment”.  Then I looked at some definitions of authentic assessment.  One of the ones I found was “Assessment that fits meaningful, real- life learning experiences”.  Another definition said, “Sometimes called

Using ThinkLink

Hello again, I’ve been reflecting on some of the posts I’ve read since I first began participating with you here.  It seems we’re all in agreement that technology has really changed the face of teaching and how we assess our students’ progress.  There’s one glitch, however; where do we find the time to use our

High School Testing

Has anyone in Illinois used the ThinkLink test for 11th graders yet?  If so, are you using it for ONLY 11th graders, or are you letting 10th graders take it as well?

The Results Are In!!??

Calling all Illinois Educators!!!  Rumor has it the ISAT scores are out.  Have any of you seen your results?  Do you have individual student scores, or just AYP status?  I’m just wondering how much impact ThinkLink had.  I have contacted all my schools looking for feedback, so I’ll keep you posted on our little corner

ThinkLink probes and planning

Hello everyone; As my thoughts begin to turn to the new school year, I’d like to know if any of you have had experience using the ThinkLink probes with your students on an ongoing basis? Are you planning time for this daily? Weekly?  Have you tried using the ThinkLink probes during your computer lab time? 


Hello Assessment fans, my name is Laurie and I have been invited to be a guest author on this assessment blog. I just finished my 11th year in education, all of it in the elementary realm. I have taught first grade, elementary gifted K-5, and I am currently an elementary reading coach and part-time data

Hesitant Teachers

Greetings Assessment Bloggers: Yesterday I met with a school new to ThinkLink this fall.  We were talking about the power of the program, and then the discussion turned to teacher buy-in.  They have several teachers who are, quite frankly, tired of having another new thing added that they have to learn and implement.  Other than


Hello everyone! My name is Marshia and I’m pleased to be joining you! I have worked for over twenty years in the arts and education in California before rejoining my Kentucky family two years ago. During this time, I began learning about student assessment tools and worked with other educators in a variety of school

Preparing for fall

Hello again!  It’s Lynn from Illinois.  I haven’t been on in a while; May always seems to be gone as quickly as it comes! I’m looking for some help from people who have used ThinkLink for a couple of years.  I am working with my schools to establish our timeline for fall.  So, all you