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Social Media and the Classroom

Social Media and the Classroom

  An article regarding social media in the workplace caught my eye recently and it got me thinking about the broader ramifications of social media. The article documented a study that showed that one in three grads consider salary less important than the ability to access social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in

Upcoming DE Webinars

Register today for two of our upcoming webinars! Story of Learning: Digital Storytelling with Discovery Education STREAMING 11/8 7:00 pm Constructing stories requires deep understanding not just of discrete facts and knowledge, but also of the rich context of that information. Join us for an exploration of the creative ways to engage students across the

Support Spooktacular

To celebrate Halloween, the Support team dressed up (well, some of us)  and got together to share delicious home and store bought treats and most importantly, Halloween Candy! Michael and Erica dressed up for the day: Featuring Green Hornet and Kato… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  How did you celebrate in your classroom?  

How to view Archived Webinars

If you have ever seen a webinar advertised through the Professional Development section of Discovery Education, but were not able to attend, you are in luck! You can access all Archived Webinars through our site. Now available are several presentations that were featured in Streamathon 2011, including two webinars from Bill and Emily on the

Upcoming Event: Own Tomorrow, Preparing for Your Future

Own Tomorrow, Preparing for Your Future October 27 12:00-12:30 PM ET Featuring the Perspective of U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis Help your students understand the boundless opportunities available to them as they gain job skills to enter the workforce. Secretary Solis will discuss programs and opportunities for students to help them chart their