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Schools Going Mobile, Trend Tracking and AUPs

Schools Going Mobile, Trend Tracking and AUPs

Reposted from Elliot Soloway, ISTE SIGML (Special Interest Group, Mobile Learning) We told you so!! Mobile learning in the U.S. – at least – is at “the tipping point.” Based on surveying over 300,000 parents, teachers, and students, Project Tomorrow’s CEO, Julie Evans, has issued a report that documents the dramatic acceleration of the

Blast to your past with html5

 Chrome Experiments of fun with html5 are meant to show off the clean and fast beauty of the new code.  Of  course Google wants you to see it in Chrome for full effect, and I would encourage that as Chrome is an easy and responsive browser, you try it out. The Wilderness Downtown is a

AudioBooks for You and Your Classroom

I use Audiobooks and Podcasts to get through all my mundane tasks and roadtrips.  I use them in the classroom as a center.  They are great to put on your classroom computers and create an easily navigated listening lab.  Many of these accompany their books with the pdf so students can read along. While I

Google Treks

Have you ever wanted to use Google Earth to follow a Lit Trip, visit an area, or share information and the program is not installed? Or tried to teach (or learn) place marking and other features of Google Earth and found the learning curve a bit steep? Dr. Alice Christie suggests you explore an application

Your Invitation to a Geocaching Happy Hour in Tucson

Tucson teachers (STARs and those soon-to-be) will be learning about the happy hunting fun of Geocaching from 4:30-7:30 on April 22nd.  Please fill out this quick form to join us at La Placita Village.Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache anywhere in the world, pinpoint its location

The King of Creativity Today

 An extremely endearing and charming speaker and idea man.  Please don’t miss this interview and any other chance you have to enjoy the company of Sir Ken Robinson’s creativity.  From Steve Hargadon Live and Interactive with Sir Ken Robinson Join me for a live and interactive interview with Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element:  How Finding

Tucson's Discover the Undiscovered: AZ Administrator's Pathways – Day of Discovery

Big thanks to IDEAL & Dept of Ed, Discovery, CCS Presentation Systems, Polycom,  Lindsay Hopkins (Discovery Rep), and all the many who helped coordinate and get this event happening. The Tucson event was hosted by the generous people of CCS Presentation Systems, who not only had a LifeSize screen to show the morning speakers, but