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New Stuff!

New Stuff!

12:01 PM It’s official. You can start to download iOS 5 promptly at “18:00:00 BST”, according to a British website (no one else knew). Once we sleuth what BST means, we’ll continue. (Don’t you just hate help that makes things worse?) While you say you got the BS part, BST actually stands for British Summer

New Stuff? (addendum)

3:00 AM Yawn!  Still clicking the Update button to get iOS 5 (this might be a dream) and the message states, “This version of the iPad software (4.3.5) is the current version”! So much for Pacific time.    9:26 AM Still waiting for the iOS 5 update. It was a long night. Big article in

New Stuff

Apple said it wouldn’t be available until Oct 12, just after midnight, Tuesday, which is the absolute beginning of Wednesday, the 12th. Don’t you hate waiting for operating system updates? Maybe they meant Pacific time, that’s 3 AM our time. Dunkin still open? Whenever, it’s gonna be huge for iPad, iPhone, and Touch; maybe 200 new

I’ve Stopped Wearing a Watch

I get this cold, clammy feeling when I realize I’m carrying two devices that do the exact same thing. That’s probably why I don’t wear a watch anymore. With one on my phone (microwave, DVD player, car, bank, computer, and office wall) it’s just silly. And a shame because the watch was the ONE GADGET

A New Angle

I know you’ve seen them, those panoramic images on Google Earth, shot on the streets of major cities around the world. And now (soon – June) you can shoot your own with an iPhone 4 and this little camera affectionately called Dot360. Gotta wonder what’s gonna happen when this gets into the hands of science


I can still hear my 4th Grade teacher, Miss O’Malley say, “You need to say what you mean, then write it.” What’s interesting is I just did that. I’m writing (actually speaking) these words you’re reading, on the iPad … using Dragon Dictation. So now, more than ever, it still helps to say what you


Usually when someone raves about a book, it’s about plot, or character development, or imagery. It’s rarely about ease of download or file transfer.  But today (actually no one’s really sure when) Apple changed something and now getting iBooks into your iPad is easier than using a library card.    And this is great news

iPad, or iFad?

If you had an iPad, what would you do with it? Could it help with your day-to-day workflow? Which would you grab for those routine tasks, iPad or laptop? I spent a day tallying my choices. 5:30 AM Alarm Clock (app) I was dreaming. It was warm, no snow, I heard birds, and then this

iPad-Take 2

I had just settled down for a long winter’s nap, after making a list of how to be productive with this new iPad.  There’s no question that it’s fun to use. Typing is fun, iBooks are fun, the new MythBuster HD app and the new CNN app, wow, even Weather is FUN. Now call me

Happy Thanksgiving

For starters I lost my iPad. Yep, left it in a cab (I think) after an friend’s wedding festivities in Bermuda. I’m never gonna see it again. And with DE’s new app for their video library, I’ve become obsessed with finding a replacement. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m feeling moved to share a  bountiful