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On the go!

On the go!

Every where you look, you see someone with an earpod hanging out their ear.  Even my 4 year old granddaughter keeps her mp3 player going as she sings to Hannah Montana. The busy life we all have keeps us from enjoying some things we need to stop for.  Thanks to podcasts, we can still keep

The DEN Virtual Conference

Join us for the 1st ever Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference on Saturday, February 2nd! Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend, in-person, online or both! The DEN Virtual Conference is a national event that provides educators a unique opportunity to experience Discovery Education’s

Learn Out Loud

I’ve been working with my students doing projects that involve podcasting. Today, I received an email from a friend that found a site she knew I would just love!  She was so right, Learn Out Loud is a wonderful place to hear different podcasts that cover subjects of all types. It also features a section on video

Blogging is GREAT in 2008!

As we all start a new year, let’s recall the saying “Out with the Old and in with the New”!  I’m sure a lot of you have already started with the mind set of getting things around the house in order or maybe even looking for a “new” you.  What about getting rid of those


Well…crash is not a pleasent word. My system went down just before break and I finally have my information back.  It was great to see the comments from Arkansas DEN members upon my return. Some upcoming events were mentioned for us to remember.  First on the list will be AAIM (Arkansas Association of Instructional Media)

Hello Arkansas DEN!

It is great to be back in action with the DEN.  The Arkansas Leadership Council is very excited about getting things going again.  We have several plans in place for the DEN to get together. Get the word out that we are back!