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STAR Streaming Update Webinar

STAR Streaming Update Webinar

Discovery Education is excited to announce many new GREAT additions coming your way to streaming! This includes the long awaited and asked for Student Center where your students will have ability to log on and download media, better correlation with your state standards, more refined search, an update builders and my content, not to mention

CA STARs Leave Earth with NASA and Buzz Aldrin!

It goes without saying that this latest DEN event was definitely “Out of this World”  From the moment STARs walked in they were surrounded with the most incredible high definition images from NASA, not to mention being in the presence of NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and another one of their favorite scientists Bill Nye. I

Donors Choose a STAR!

Over the past year I have heard a lot about the website, where their tag-line reads “Teachers ask. You choose. Students Learn” It’s a great website where teachers can create their own project proposal that includes what resources will be needed and donors can log on and fund the technology needed in classrooms across

Animal Planet + Eukanuba = 1 Outstanding Dog Show

From  CA DEN Guest Blogger: Jenith Mishne Thanks to Discovery, I had the opportunity to attend the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show in Long Beach, CA last weekend. While I have watched many dog shows on TV, I have never actually attended one. It was fascinating, but of course, you must be a dog lover! No

Meet the “MEN of DEN” as You Never Have Before

Thanks to TN Leadership Council Chair for giving me the laugh I needed this afternoon.  Follow this link to see the special song and dance routine that our “Men of DEN” put together for us this Christmas Season!

Increase Your Vocabulary + Feed the Hungry =

Thanks to CA DEN member Kathleen for passing this site along.  Basically, as you go through a multiple choice vocabulary quiz, for every question you get correct they donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.  If you begin to miss questions, it will automatically adjust your vocabulary level. As I played this

DEN STAR on Travel Channel Tonight!

Just received the exciting news that our very own DEN STAR Judith Valle will have a video she made highlighted on the Travel Channel tonight!  Thousands of people have uploaded their 5 minute video trips to their website and she is one of the chosen few that will be aired on the Travel Channel Show called

Thoughts with the CA DEN

I sit in my office, with all the windows and doors of my house closed tight.  I am 20 miles from the nearest fire, but the smoke and ash are still thick and it makes me think of all of our CA DEN members that currently packing up or have already been evacuated.  I’ve watched