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DEN Trend Report: 2/15/17

DEN Trend Report: 2/15/17

In This DEN Trend Report:
>4 keys for a digital implementation
>Beyond the Hype: 5 Ways to Think About Virtual and Augmented Reality in Schools
>7 Ways Schools Will Change by 2020
>Technology in Education: How Chromebooks and Google Classroom Change the Learning Process
>Schools have literacy resources for parents who want to help children
>10 high-need education policy areas for 2017
>Student-centered learning drives improvement
>4 critical personalized learning questions, answered

DEN Trend Report: 2/8/17

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Should educators think more about quality of screen time?
>When Will Smart Girls Believe They’re Smart?
>5+ Ways To Inspire Your Students With A Free Virtual Field Trip
>What Effective Blended Learning Looks Like 
>Department of Education Creates New Evaluation Tool for K–12 Administrators
>Ed-Tech Surges Internationally–and Choices for Schools Become More Confusing
>Reaffirming Our Commitment to High Quality Digital Content
>Discovery Education Schedules 2017 PD Supporting School Leaders
>New buzzphrase for IT has massive implications for personalized learning
>Portion of teachers with 1:1 classrooms up 10%
>5 big takeaways from redesigning learning spaces

DEN Trend Report: 1/25/17

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Virtual Super Bowl Trip Can Get Kids Active, Healthy 
>How 4 visionary schools are venturing into a new mixed reality
>Reaffirming Our Commitment to High Quality Digital Content
>Does growing student diversity mean a renewed focus on personalized learning?
>STEM News Roundup: New Tool Brings Math to Life with Virtual Reality 
>Strategies for Creating Future-Ready Classrooms, TODAY 
>Creating Modern Digital Learning Environments

DEN Trend Report: 1/19/17

In this DEN Trend Report:
>9 secrets of incredibly efficient districts
>How media literacy is critical to saving our democracy 
>Don’t Ignore Teachers in Evaluation Studies of Education Technology
>STEM Day Website Offers Masses of Classroom Activities
>iPads ignite furor in schools
>New Google Classroom features make it easier to learn, teach, manage, and build 6 K-12 administrators to watch in 2017
>How Your Student Can Become America’s Top Young Scientist 

DEN Trend Report: 12/21/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>The Nation’s Report Card Goes Digital  
>Authentic Project Based Learning… Santa Believes in PBL… Do You?
>7 things Gen Z students say about educational technology
>8 Steps to Evaluating Ed Tech Products
>In the marketplace: An NBA math program, coding tools, and a new literacy initiative

DEN Trend Report: 12/14/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Can Tiger Woods Transform His Charitable Foundation Into A Lasting Legacy?
>Outlook 2017: Experts forecast the future of K12
>.Is a virtual education the future for K-12 students?
>How To Ensure Students Are Actively Engaged and Not Just Compliant
>Around the World in 80 (School) Days, Thanks to Virtual Field Trips
>Challenges persist when gamifying education
>School leaders share tips for becoming ‘Future Ready’
>Strategist outlines habits of most successful schools
>Survey: Students Face Challenges Outside the Classroom
>8 steps to pilot smarter K-12 edtech product tests

DEN Trend Report: 11/16/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>These Google Forms turn video from passive to active learning
>Are today’s digital natives stunting their social skills?
>Equity, Quality, and Digital Content
>Overwhelming proof? Research shows 3 ways going digital improves student performance
>Schools Are Discovering Kindness!

DEN Trend Report: 11/09/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>A Teen Figured out How to Make Clean Energy Using a Device That Costs $5
>What should we teach students about the future of technology?
>Say goodbye to science class as you know it
>Four Tips for Effective Digital Leadership
>Minecraft: Education Edition officially launches
>High school on Oracle’s campus turns education on its head
>The Equity Case for High-Quality Digital Content
>Our research shows that when students work on projects, they learn more
>Education’s Secret Ingredient: PD for Digital Teaching
>In the marketplace: Gaming, digital citizenship, PD initiatives, and more
>What Are The Main Reasons Teachers Call It Quits?
>Survey: Parents Struggle with ‘Tech Shaming’ and Need Roadmap to Navigate Usage

DEN Trend Report: 10/16/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>3 challenges to OER implementation (continued)
>A Plan to Teach Every Child Computer Science
>Education Secretary John King Calls for More Civic Education
>Google: Girls Can Do Great Things With Code
>SETDA releases strategic plan, key priorities for state edtech leaders
>White House welcomes young science advisers
>DoE compiles new report on using tech with young learners

DEN Trend Report: 10/19/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>A Teacher Compensation Model Based On Individual Professional Development
>7 tips for choosing professional development programs
>How Teachers Leverage Mobile Technology
>Students want more digital learning outside of the classroom
>5 ways virtual reality is being used in education right now
>Some Say Computer Coding Is a Foreign Language