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DEN Trend Report: 10/12/16

DEN Trend Report: 10/12/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>I made my classroom look like the real-world—and test scores soared
>Tech Support, PD Are Top Competitive Advantages in Ed-Tech
>The Trends and Challenges Shaping Technology Adoption In Schools
>The Future of Virtual Reality in the Classroom
>Solving the Project-Based Math Conundrum: The Multidimensional Math Classroom
>How Will Districts’ Ed-Tech Strategies Change Under ESSA?
>STEM News Roundup: Student Learns Coding, Creates App to Get Around Math Homework
>How Adaptive Learning Really Works
>Looking for More Support, New Teachers Turn to Online Communities
>Free, Virtual Event Offers Educators Strategies for Integrating Digital Media
>Augmented and virtual reality can increase engagement in schools
>12 year-old girl devises a computer program to prevent dangerous reaction to medicines

Building School 2.0: Be One School featuring Rachael Postle Brown

From guest blogger Rachael Postle Brown Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase share a powerful story in chapter 5 of their book Building School 2.0.  The story is one that describes the feelings of a failed teacher and the reaction of the teacher’s administrator.  When I read this chapter I had an immediate rush of memories

DEN Trend Report: 5/18/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Five Key PD Concepts to Aid Your Digital Transition
>Digital Promise Puts Education Research All In One Place
>Ed Tech Implementation Leaves Room for Improvement
>Engage Parents as Partners to Close the Digital Divide
>Stop Trying to Define Personalized Learning