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DEN Trend Report: 5/11/16

DEN Trend Report: 5/11/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future
>Survey: Classroom, Formative Tests Far More Useful Than End-of-Year Exams
>4 Ways Teachers Are Learning To Use Technology To Benefit Students with Special Needs
>Emotions Help Steer Students’ Learning, Studies Find
>Half of teens think they’re addicted to their smartphones
>One-to-One Laptop Initiatives Boost Student Scores, Researchers Find
>8 ways digital media will evolve for the future
>Few teachers give schools an ‘A’ for classroom technology

Take 5: Finding Your One Percent

Join Steve Dembo, Director of Learning Communities and Social Media Strategy for Discovery Education, as he explores ways to identify your top 1%. There are stories being told about your schools in the social spaces, whether you’re the one doing the telling or not.  Do you know who’s telling the story of your schools?  Jackie

DEN Trend Report: 5/4/2016

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Watch 4 ed-tech trailblazers discuss disruptive change for the future
>Can More Money Fix America’s Schools?
>Top business leaders, 27 governors, urge Congress to boost computer science education
>Career Education Making a Comeback in US High Schools
>Even In Equal Societies Girls Have Higher Math Anxiety Than Boys
>Will giving greater student access to smartphones improve learning?
>Teachers come together on Twitter for professional development and inspiration
>Seeing Is More Than Believing

DEN Trend Report: 4/27/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Is Your District Future Ready?
>The Search for Common-Core Curricula: Where Are Teachers Finding Materials?
>5 Ways To Use Video In The Classroom
>White House, educators push for pre-school STEM
>Personalized Learning, Products ‘Going Viral’ Are Hot Topics at Ed-Tech Summit
>Virtual, Blended Schools Growing Despite Struggles, Analysis Finds

Take 5: Individual Student Goal Setting featuring Rachael Postle Brown

Join Rachael Postle-Brown, principal of  Pinewood Elementary in Jenison Public Schools, as she explores individual student goal setting. Most school districts assess and progress monitor their students in almost every grade level.  Rachael encourages educators to inform students and parents of their academic achievement and help them set goals and develop plans to impact their

DEN Trend Report: 4/20/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Ed Tech Spending Increases by 7 Percent
>Feds to States: Use Federal Dollars for STEM
>Is personalized learning the future of school?
>Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math Class
>How Should Schools Purchase Ed. Tech?
>School libraries are transforming into digital hubs – report
>Researchers: Math needs a more visual approach
>Report: Blended Fits Nicely To Re-Engage Dropouts

DEN Trend Report: 4/13/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>The 7 pillars of today’s digital leadership
>So, When During the School Day Should Teachers Create Curriculum?
>Why STEM?
>U.S. Adults Below Average in Numeracy and Tech, International Report Finds
>The Policy That Could All But Eliminate Achievement Gaps Between Rich And Poor Students

Take 5: The Unconference featuring Harvey Chambers

Join Harvey Chambers, principal of Windsor Middle School in Baltimore County Public Schools, as he helps you redefine professional development experiences for your teachers. Learn how Harvey shifted professional development using  a hybrid of a large traditional conference and an EdCamp giving participants the feel of a conference but personalized learning opportunities to meet their

DEN Trend Report: 4/6/16

Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education?!? Here’s a recap of this week’s news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below. Are you a site or district administrator interested in receiving updates designed with you in mind? Let us know.   Looking for Better Edtech Products?

DEN Trend Report: 3/30/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>The Benefits and Challenges of Student-Designed Learning
>How Can Schools Develop Assessments That Matter?
>Principals as instructional leaders: An international perspective
>Five Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Classroom and Instruction
>“Deeper learning” continues to show higher high school graduation rates
>New Teachers (Mostly) Prepped for Class; Not so Sure about PBL
>Idea to Retire: Technology alone can improve student learning