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The Interconnected Nature of the Metric System

The Interconnected Nature of the Metric System

If you think back to your initial instruction regarding the metric system, you probably remember sitting in an elementary classroom, staring at a series of colorful posters on a wall.  Each one denoted a different prefix used as metric units of measure magnified by powers of 10. Your teacher likely had you practice metric conversions

Gettin’ Triggy with It – Using Digital Interactives to Introduce Trigonometric Graphing

The concept of graphing trigonometric functions contains one of the biggest shifts in mathematical thought for students in secondary mathematics. Students have just been introduced to radian measure after years of working with degree measure. The unit circle is unveiled on the coordinate plane and students are taught that the coordinates of points along its circumference can be represented as

Time to Reflect

As we come the end of another busy school year, educators across the country are beginning to reflect on their classroom practice. What worked well? Where do I need to improve? What activities can I tweak to make them more successful with students? How can I increase student engagement in activities? The reflective process is

Struggles with Static Math Examples

A recent article from Education Week highlighted a research project conducted by the National Research and Development Center on Cognition and Mathematics Instruction that is testing how to make paper-based textbooks more effective for students. Researchers are examining the effectiveness of “better text and illustration integration, use of sample problems, and homework and practice pacing”. One of the

Addressing Insecurity in the Advanced Classroom

Teaching advanced math classes is a blast. Students are generally more engaged in learning (i.e.. they do their homework!), contribute insightful ideas, and typically make classroom management a breeze. Teaching accelerated students can also present some challenges. One of my greatest struggles was getting advanced students to admit their misconceptions when they arose. Every student

Assessment Review with a Twist

It’s testing season once again – the time of year when teachers around the country begin to feel more and more like the purple minion from Despicable Me 2. Sometimes, you can’t help but feel the stress of hoping your students have retained all the information you’ve worked so hard to embed in their memories