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What to do on SPRING BREAK?

What to do on SPRING BREAK?

  SPRING BREAK time is here.  Many teachers and students around the country are AMPED for some free/relation time. If you are going away on a family vacation, GREAT! But what is there to do if you are on a STAYcation (staying at home +vacation/break time)? If you are anything like I was as a

Learning with FUN in the SUN!

  Spring is just around the corner and the weather will soon warm up outside. Kids love outdoor activities and the change of scenery can be used as a tool of engagement. Try bringing a Math, English/Language Arts or Science lesson to LIFE by dropping children in the blooming environment of Spring as they learn

Invention Convention: A Look into African American History

Black History Month is important for all students no matter their race. African American history is in fact American history. Help your students understand the importance of some of the extraordinary individuals of African American History by putting a fun spin on the lesson. Lesson Title: Invention Convention: A Look into African American History Ask

New Year’s Eve Rituals

Do you have a New Year’s Eve ritual? Spending time with family or loved ones? Celebrating out on the town? Watching the famous ball drop in Time Square? Let’s take a look at how the ball dropping tradition began… December 31, 1907:  First time ball drops at Times Square to signal new year Since 1907,

Which Holiday video brings you the most CHEER?

  Everyone has a favorite Holiday movie they look forward to watching every year. Our Discovery Education Holiday videos can be used to combine education and fun for students. Try infusing our holiday videos with your lesson plans for art, history, science, etc. Students can also learn about the beliefs and celebration traditions of others.