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Introducing the Initiative Empowering Students to Be Vape Free

Introducing the Initiative Empowering Students to Be Vape Free

As kids grow up, they’re faced with the increased responsibility on how to make healthy choices. It starts with little decisions, like picking out an after-school snack, or which sport they want to play, and eventually leads to bigger decisions like college or a career path. As adults, we try our best to arm them

Encourage Critical Thinking and Career Exploration with Classroom Resources and a New Virtual Field Trip from Navigating Nuclear 

Contributed by Corey Orr, Science Enrichment Teacher at Eastbrook Middle School in Whitfield County, Georgia  Designed to increase understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications,?Navigating Nuclear?provides educators with the tools to dig deeper into the role of nuclear science in fields like power generation, medicine, space exploration, food preservation, molecular science, and more. Standards-aligned curriculum for middle and high

Plotting a New Course: Educating the Next Generation of Tech Talent

Contributed by Elizabeth Lipscomb  Vice President of Business Development, Discovery Education   There are a number of challenges our economy will face with regard to the lack of young people prepared with the STEM skills necessary to join as productive members of the STEM workforce. According to research by STEMConnector, there are critical gaps within the STEM ecosystem

Our Stories are Stronger Than Hate Virtual Field Trip Teaches Students the Importance of Empathy, Understanding and Human Connection

“Our Stories are Stronger Than Hate,” a new VFT available as part of Teaching with Testimony—a program developed in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation—provides educators with in-depth resources to empower students to combat hate in their own communities. Guest blogger Corey Orr, a science enrichment teacher at Eastbrook Middle School in Dalton, GA shares her

Introducing Real World Problem Solving in Your Classroom: Our Favorite Resources from the Young Scientist Lab

Are your students curious? Are they innovative and interested in impacting their communities? Do they love science? Encourage them to enter the 2020 Young Scientist Challenge today!  It only takes an idea to get started and students can enter now through April 21, 2020.  We are still celebrating 14-year-old Kara Fan, winner of the 2019 3M Young Scientist Challenge, and eighth-grader Reshma Kosaraju, winner of the inaugural 3M

Day of Education Gen

Discovery Education Celebrates UNESCO’s International Day of Education

Exploring the global education revolution being powered by Discovery Education’s state-of-the-art digital curriculum resources. Education Is A Human Right In 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed January 24 as International Day of Education, recognizing that the key to a sustainable future is inclusive and equitable education for all the people of the world, regardless

Engage Students in STEM Learning Through Real-World Problem-Solving

Creating opportunities for students to apply problem-solving techniques and STEM skills leads to more engaged learning.  Discovery Education’s corporate partnership programs feature lesson plans, career exploration resources and challenges that offer students the opportunity to test their knowledge through innovation. The Innovation Generation Making for Good Challenge, developed in partnership with Stanley, Black & Decker,

Helpful Tools to Turn Your Students into Cyber Detectives with Tech for Tomorrow

Tech for Tommorow is an all-new digital education program designed to highlight the ways technology and innovation can better our world. Developed in partnership with The Tech Interactive, a family-friendly science and technology center at the heart of downtown San Jose, CA, on a mission to inspire the innovator in everyone.  Below, guest blogger Elizabeth