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iPad vs. Netbook

The afternoon Apple launched the iPad, my cell phone lit up. It was a text from one of my fellow technology facilitator in our district. She wanted to know what I thought about the device. I replied with a text smiley face. 🙂 Then my Assistant Superintendent called. The topic was no surprise. You guessed


Flipcams and Snow Leopard Posted on October 3, 2009 in Hardware, Software by Joe Brennan “I’ve been getting a few questions from Mac users (including myself) who recently updated to Mac OSX 10.6 wondering what happened to their Flip camcorder accessibility. Turns out it’s just a matter of re-installing the latest Flip software and/or adding Perian to your bag of

Cleaning up after the 4th

My RSS feed reader, Google Reader, is full of unread blog posts, my inbox has is full of junk mail and spam. The grass in the lawn is so deep, people riding by probably think we have moved. It is too hot to worry about it. July 4th was fun, but was over too fast.

Last Bus Blues?

 As the last school bus pulls out of the school parking lot for the summer, many dedicated educators have been known to experience spontaneous outbursts that mimic celebrations of winning a National Championship or quiet personal sugar highs. Giggles, howlers, and high-fives are most numerous in the teacher’s parking lot around 3:29 PM. I had

Making May Marvelous

Well, 10 days into May and teachers are counting down the days until the buses leave campus for a well deserved summer hiatus of sorts. At the beginning of the school year, students walked patiently in straight lines are now trying to run, shout, scream, giggle, and jump like they are wild.  Some blame it

St. Patrick's Day Resources

After reading this article “Where Education and Assimilation Collide” I do not feel guilty about posting my favorite resources for St. Patrick’s Day.  According to my family tree, most of my ancestors immigrated from Scotland and England, not Ireland. As I walk the halls of my rural middle school, there are students from Mexico, Venezuela,