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Hello Assessment Bloggers: I am knee-deep in RTI in Illinois.  I spoke to a friend of mine who is an assessment coordinator for a district in another state, and she said her state is basically saying, “Make me!”  They don’t intend to start dealing with the mandate until 2009-2010 when they are told they have

Curriculum-Based Measurement

Hi All- Can anyone tell me about Curriculum-Based Measurement?  As I’m looking at the articles on CBM, it looks like RTI.  Are we using CBM for RTI?  Don’t you hate people who use education jargon and acronyms???? Lynn

After the High Stakes Tests

Hi All- For those of you about to start your high stakes tests-good luck!!  I was wondering how your classrooms change when these tests are done.  I work with a group of teachers who often make comments about really cool lessons that they want to try after the ISATs.  The teachers often feel like they

Crunch Time!!

I am in Illinois, and the state tests (ISAT) begin in early March.  For those of you who are using Discovery Assessments/ThinkLink, do you have any favorite “data-driven” strategies for the last two weeks before the high-stakes testing begins?  Lynn


I heard a comment from one of my teachers about the PAB structure for Discovery Assessments.  Her opinion was that, although interesting, she really would prefer to eliminate the P test and get immediate grade-level information.   She felt that the sooner she could get information that was aligned with what the kids would see on