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    Welcome back to a new school year. As always the beginning of the year is filled with excitement, anxiety, fears and questions, yet we seem to get through it all. Maine has a great teaching staff and I personally thank all of you for your hard work and commitment to our kids.  


Happy May! Spring is here!    Auburn teachers have been exploring the idea of creating podcasts. Discovery Network did a workshop for us using the program Audacity. The presentation went very well and stirred up excitement. As always in technology and in our multiple platform world there are  somethings to think about for us Mainers,

Pizza & Podcast

  Wednesday evening, April 25th, the Maine Leadership Council hosted a ‘Get to know us and learn to podcast’ evening. DEN members and fellow teachers joined together for a webinar, ‘Audacity to Podcast’ hosted by DEN. We started out with dinner, then digitally joined by Jannita and Steve from DEN for a podcasting workshop. We

Learn to Podcast

Greetings Maine Educators! Meet and greet the Maine Leadership DEN Team – Wednesday April 25th 4:30 – 7:00 Sherwood Heights School, Auburn Maine.Just a note to let you know we have been approved for a meeting this Wednesday! So sorry about the short final notice but with vacation behind us things did not get done

Orange Maroon

Greetings to you all,     Spring is a time to rejuvenate and shake off the winter blues. This past week has been Spring vacation for most of the Maine schools. We started out with a snow storm followed by a devastating northeaster. We may have lost property and suffered damage but nothing can compare


Greetings,     Information was posted about the DEN National Institutes. Some of you may have applied and have not yet received confirmation. Those of you that would like to apply there are a FEW days left. To confirm your application or to apply PLEASE check the link below and follow the directions. Even though

Tell us what works for you!

The Leadership Council would like to know about projects and work being done in Maine. Share with us your work and ideas that can be posted on the blog. Let us know what you have been doing to introduce the Discovery Education Network and unitedstreaming into your curriculum. Share your ideas, post a project, send

Unitedstreaming Rejunvinated my teaching!

Erin Towns, history teacher at Edward Little High school has become a Star DEN member and is very excited about the offerings she has had through unitedstreaming at her fingertips. She sums up her experiences here: "unitedstreaming has drastically altered the way I present information to my students.  With almost every topic I teach, and

A Spring Morning in Maine!         Welcome to the new Maine DEN blog. Let us introduce ourselves in the blog.’Meet the Maine DEN Leadership Council.’ It’s been a busy year for us recruiting new members, having a Discovery day, and meeting the challenges of Discovery Education’s restructuring. We feel very strong about the