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Hamilton Lunch & Learn

Hamilton Lunch & Learn

I head over to Hamilton, MI on May 7 to join DEN STAR Andy Losik and over a hundred other future DEN STAR educators for a full day of professional development.  Hamilton Community Schools will be hosting the event, with Discovery Education sponsoring a “Lunch & Learn” session.   I’ll be presenting an overview of the DEN, with

World Feel a Little Green Today?

Did you wake up a little greener today? Maybe? Today we celebrate Earth Day. People across the globe will refrain from flicking that cigarette butt out there car window on to the highway. The buses and trains will be a little more crowded than usual. You’ll bring your own organic cotton bags to the grocery

Macomb ISD “Advanced DE streaming” Webinar

 A huge thank you to all that participated in the webinar this afternoon.  Great group with great questions and I look forward to working with them as Discovery Educator Network STAR members, as they are all logging on now and registering.  (here’s the link in-case you’ve misplaced it)    I have to give a shout out to

Earth Day with voicethread & Discovery Education streaming

  The World is Just Awesome!! Lets not trash it, heat it up or waste it.  Look around you.  Look around class, the school, the community and your own home.  How can you make a difference?  Get a little info by watching, reading and listening to others.  The share your thoughts.  The only wrong answer

Back Home and Back to the Basics

Sitting here at Logan International Airport in Boston awaiting my flight back to Chicago. Able to check off another on my list of things to do, attend a National NSTA Conference. I couldn’t have picked a better year to go. This year’s conference was held in Boston. I met a ton of great teacher scientists.