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New York DEN LC January News

New York DEN LC January News

Greetings NY DEN STARs, The latest issue of the NYDENLC News ( just went out via email. If you didn’t receive a copy of the newsletter, then the contact information we have for you may be inaccurate. Time to update our information for the new year. Please take a moment and visit ( so that

NY DEN Leadership Council Opens It's Doors on Twitter

Exciting NY DEN LC news to announce.  Technology helps us stay better connected, save time, and become more efficient.  The NY DEN Leadership Council is always looking for better ways to reach this goal.  One new way is to converse in the Twitterverse.  Our new Twitter page can be found at  Here the members

NYDEN Digitally Fit Recap

Perhaps you joined the NY DEN Event in New York City earlier this month.  Perhaps you were there in person.  Perhaps you were behind your computer joining Christine in the virtual conversation.  Perhaps you were just with us in spirit.  What ever the case may be, care to feel like a fly on the wall? 

Virtual Conference – Virtually a Smash

This past Saturday, October 25th was the second annual Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference.  Educators gathered behind computers and in person to connect with other educators.  Connections were made in RL and cyberspace.  Distance learning presentations from Steve Dembo, Jannita Demian, Matt Monjan, Hall Davidson, Jen Dorman, Scott Kinney, and more were so wonderful to

Mark Your Calendars for the NY DEN!

Mark your calendars for the NY DEN events this week! Friday, October 24th – Come socialize at Panera Bread in Northvale, NJ. Why this Panera? It’s only 6 minutes away from Tech Forum Northeast if you’re attending.  269 Livingston Street, Northvale, NJ 07647.  Need more information about Tech Forum Northeast, visit An exciting day

NY DEN – part of the national pack

The New York DEN may be from New York State but we try to support, grow with, and learn from other educators and DEN members.  Our colleagues in New Jersey are asking for our help.  One of their leadership council members, Bev Plein is in the middle of an election project with her students.  They

What's in Your Backpack/Briefcase?

 I just read a great idea, “Back to School Back Pack” from A to Z Teacher Stuff.  The poster suggests bringing in their own back pack to show students a little bit about themselves.  We all carry so much stuff.  But can you really tell something/anything/a lot about someone from what’s in their back

Funding Factory – Free Technology

Are you looking for a way to bring new technology equipment to your school or classroom? Having trouble figuring out a way to get the school to pay for it? Try Funding Factory. I have been using them for several years and love them. Here’s the deal. Ask people to donate old cell phones and

Administrators Among Us

Standup and be counted. Someone recently shared that they feel disconnected from the DEN at times because they are an administrator and not a teacher. The New York DEN would like to recognize the administrators in our midst. April 25th is Administrative Day. The New York DEN Leadership Council would greatly appreciate it if the

Always remember to check your spam mail

You know… every now and then it is a good idea to check your Spam Email folder. After the DEN NY visit to the Computer Show and the IMAX theater we collected spare change to donate on behalf of school children. We sent an email requesting that our donation go towards school children in the