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Animal Web Cams

Animal Web Cams

How do you catch a glimpse of the fastest creature on earth?  Go online!  “Raptors in the City” is a real-time, inquiry-based science and technology program that stars the peregrine falcon.” Falcon nesting season starts at the end of February. I received the above message in my email today and it reminded me that I

SCIcon: Jan. 9th at the Connecticut Science Center

The CT Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Leadership Council would like to invite you to an exciting one day conference. Registration is free and includes lunch plus access to the Connecticut Science Center.  You can come for the entire day or for one or two sessions if you like. DEN SCIcon 2010 is an online conference

SCIcon on January 9th at the Connecticut Science Center

Christmas came early to Connecticut for Discovery Education teachers! Discovery Education is sponsoring our first event on January 9th at the Connecticut Science Center. We will have a setup for a group viewing of the SCIcon conference. The Science Center is the perfect place for our first event since our State Department of Education purchased

SCIcon on January 9th

Save this date: Saturday, January 9, 2010 The Connecticut DEN Leadership Council is planning to host our first event on January 9th from 9am to 4pm. This is the time that the DEN’s SCIcon virtual conference will take place. We want to invite DE teachers from Connecticut to meet together and share at one location.

Entertaining Estimation

I suspect one reason students test poorly in estimation is because students have ready access to calculators, estimating skills are less important in their daily life. An accurate estimate provides feedback to students on how reasonable their answer is. Most students probably think estimation is just another skill to be tested so we need to

CCSU Veterans History Project

Sunday’s Hartford Courant had a timely story about the Veterans History Project at Central Connecticut State University. The article highlighted how the project provided one man with information that lead to a meeting with his late father’s shipmate. Check out the full article. The Veteran’s History Project has videos of interviews with veterans and other