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Have you tried Quiz Builder?

Have you tried Quiz Builder?

Greetings Blogosphere! One of the benefits of joining the DEN is that you get access to several Builder Tools that you can use with Discovery Education Streaming. One of those tools that I’ve been playing with this week is Quiz Builder. Quiz Builder allows you to create quizzes that have multiple choice, short answer, and

Common State Standards Draft Released

Greetings Blogosphere! Did you know that the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) have joined, along with a number of other agencies to initiate a state-led process of developing (and adopting) a common core of state standards? Forty-six states plus the DC, Puerto

Making Reviews for Tests More Fun

Greetings Blogosphere! A classmate in my Differentiating Instruction course shared a cool link today and I thought I’d pass it along to you. Laura Cawley says,  using Jeopardy “is a great way to prepare for a test or project, and get the students involved. It allows for several different categories, and the opportunity to work

Using Assessment to Differentiate Instruction

Greetings Blogosphere! If you’ve been around the DEN any at all, you’ve probably seen that Discovery Education and Wilkes University launched an online master’s degree program in instructional media last year. Well, not only am I an assessment nerd, I happen to be a bit of a geek (which explains why I am blogging!) So,

Building a PLN One Tweet at a Time

Greetings, Blogosphere! Do you Twitter? I keep seeing a lot of tweets from educators new to Twitter that say something like, “I don’t get it.” I’ve been twittering for a while and consider it the most important feature of my professional learning network (PLN). Twitter is the primary tool that I use to stay on

DEN Leadership Council Symposium (2009)

Greetings Blogosphere! It’s Your Friendly Assessment Nerd, Porter reporting live from Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. I am here with  60 of the 225 members (from 34 states) of the DENLC. This is my first time interacting with these folks, so this is how they were described to me before coming here. “Porter, there

Discovery Education Assessment Webinar (Monday 06/22 1pm EDT)

Greetings Blogoshphere! This afternoon (Monday) I’ll be hosting a webinar that provides an overview of Discovery Education Assessment’s Predictive Benchmarks. If any of you are available at 1pm EDT and are interested, here’s some information: Match, predict and improve student performance on state exams with Discovery Education Assessment: Predictive Benchmark. A powerful formative assessment resource,

Congratulations St. Johns County, Florida!

Greetings Blogosphere! Yesterday, a success story found its way to my inbox so I thought I’d share the good news!  St. Johns County School District in sunny Florida used Discovery Education Assessment: Predictive Benchmark for the first time this year in grades 2-5 in reading/language arts and math, and grades 3-5 in science. Check out

This Is Not A Test.

Greetings Blogosphere! I’m a huge fan of Jim Popham, though I have only met him twice and have never had the good fortune of working with him. I have worked with people who know him well, and kept hearing, “Jim Popham this and Jim Popham that…” related to changing the way we asses kids. Dr.