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Witnessing Climate Change

Witnessing Climate Change reports an exhibit of pictures taken by individuals to support evidence of climate change in Turkey. People are encouraged by Climate Advocates for “wear ‘climate glasses’ for identifying changes in the environment. Click here to read the article. This is a good project for students to investigate their environment. Use images from the Discovery

Family Science Night at Nita Pearson Elementary School

This past week, the Discovery Education Team had the pleasure of working with educators at Nita Pearson Elementary School in Rowlett, Texas. About 200 students and parents attended Family Science night to learn various science concepts and eat pizza. Danny Forster from Build It Bigger spoke to the parents about the 911 documentary. He also

Developing an Awareness for Natural Resources

“Going Green” is about preserving our natural resources for a better quality of life now and for the future.  The Discovery Education Science Techbook provides many great lessons to help students to understand our relationship with the environment. In the virtual lab Wow! Windmills, students investigate how the design and location of a windmill can

Hands-On Activity: Creating Moon Craters

In the following video Creating Moon Craters, teachers explain and demonstrate how students will go about determining and modeling how moon craters are formed.  Multiple items of different shapes and sizes are used to model the differences in impact on the moon.

Balloon Filling Bottle – Investigating Chemical Reactions

Students engaged in hands-on activities to learn about chemical reactions can be fun and exciting, but it is very important to be sure they understand the safety procedures before handling the materials. Watch this video as teachers demonstrate the hands-on activity Balloon Filling Bottle and the appropriate safety tips to remember.

The Science of Changing Seasons

It is autumn. Leaves are changing colors and falling from trees.  This is a great time to engage students in learning about the changing world around them.  There are opportunities to explore the changes in weather and how weather contributes to the change in environment.  Environmental science education helps students to understand the natural wonders

Seasonal Science Streaming

Every month the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK Implementation team will be on location in the classroom and connecting hands on activities to digital content in the SCIENCE TECHBOOK. We will broadcast live for classrooms that use the SCIENCE TECHBOOK to observe and be a part of the lesson. The first of the series occurred in