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So what's RSS?!

So what's RSS?!

Are you confused by podcasting, podfeeds, iPods, and everything pod? A new weekly feature begins today, Guest Blogger of the Week. Brian Bartel kicks-off this series of informative posts by sharing his insights on RSS Feeders. GUEST BLOGGER of the WEEK: Meet Brian Bartel – Appleton West High School Science Teacher Want to keep up

Favorite Winter Videos!

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word…. VIRUS?   I used to think it was Bugbear, Blaster, Nimda… you know — all those pesky computer viruses that drive tech support staff crazy!   By the way… check out the CRSC for help with those nasty bugs!    This time of year

G3 Adventure!

Three HOT G’s are on my mind…Geocaching, GPS, and Google Earth! Fourteen years ago I became very intrigued by "adventure learning." In fact, it was Will Steger’s Polar Expedition and his engaging World School for Adventure Learning (see Story 10)that changed my entire view of the future of education.  Even though my colleague, Mary Baumann

Congratulations WI DEN Members Sharing and Leading the Way!

Congratulations to Events Promotion Winners! Wisconsin DEN members have been wonderful, collaborative leaders by helping lead after school in-services, informal sharing sessions, workshops and mentoring teammates over the past several months.   That’s what Discovery Education and the DEN are ALL ABOUT!  Sharing and helping each other does make a huge difference.  We need to reach

Coulee Kids Podcast…do you?

Each week or two the WI DEN will feature DEN members willing to "showcase" the exciting instructional strategies being integrated into their classroom, LMC, or learning environment.  Jeanne Halderson, 7th Grade Teacher at Longfellow Middle School (School District of LaCrosse) and Apple Distinguished Educator, is featured this week. Jeanne became the first Wisconsin DEN member

New Year’s Resolution: WI DEN Blog to BLOOM!

It is time for 2006 New Year’s Resolutions this week. Here is one of my resolutions for the year: The WI Discovery Educator Network Blog is about to BLOOM! I resolve to develop the WI Blog as a critical resource and forum for all WI DEN and others interested in exploring, sharing, and participating in

Getting it Wright…

Today’s students must devlelop strong higher order thinking and and sound reasoning skills to compete in our global society. One of the skills NCREL’s enGauge framework identifies as a 21st Century Skill INVENTIVE THINKING skill is the ability to “Identify the essential elements in a problem as well as the interaction between those elements; use

Meet Wisconsin's First DEN Educators

What type of teacher becomes a DEN Educator?  What qualities do they have in common?  Why did they join the WI DEN?    Meet the first of the WI DEN educators and you will find out that each are talented, enthusiastic educators who have the desire to collaborate with you.  They forever enjoy teaching and