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NBC News Clips Through HotChalk

NBC News Clips Through HotChalk

Through January 2008, you can access the NBC news archive FREE through HotChalk. HotChalk is a learning management system that provides a community for teachers, students and parents that “…includes curriculum management, lesson plan development, automated assignment distribution, collection, and grading in a web-based environment.”  [See About HotChalk].  This is a free system that relies on advertising

Acknowledging Our Own

Every now and then, it is appropriate to acknowledge what our DEN members around Wisconsin are doing. For instance, this summer Rita Mortenson shared with us her trip to California as an Apple Distinguished Educator. We have many educators in the state doing amazing things for education and receiving awards for their efforts. If you

GOOG-411 vs. Live Search 411

Last month, I was out with a good friend planning some upcoming podcasts. But we were hungry and wanted to know if the local bowling alley (we had a coupon) was still serving food. My buddy rang up the location with GOOG-411 (800-466-4411), got our answer (yes), and we were on our way. GOOG-411 is

National Middle Schools STAR DEN Event

Here’s a post from the TN DEN: The National Middle Schools Association (NMSA) will host its annual national convention in Houston, TX from November 8 to 10. If you are a STAR DEN member and would like to attend a social gathering of other DEN members while attending the NMSA convention, we need your input.

Webinars, Stars and Torches

WEBINARS Check out the list of upcoming webinars and enroll in one today! [Link] Specifically, check out these fantastic ones: EdTechConnect with Claudia Linden (from Second Life) on Wednesday, October 17 Stream-A-Thon on Tuesday, October 23rd [Link] KEEP YOUR STAR Don’t forget – keep your star status; the cut-off is November 23!!! [Link] STAR DEN

.edu opportunities

Check out this fantastic collaboration (from LifeHacker) of learning opportunities from .edu websites; they are categorized in Art, Science, Space, Humanities, Photography, History, & Misc.Here is a sample of the entry for .edu opportunities in Science: Explore gross anatomy at the University of Michigan Medical School. Download a virtual microscope at the University of Illinois

Fall Discovery Streaming Event CANCELLED

The Fall Discovery Streaming Event scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2007 in Verona has been CANCELLED due to low enrollment.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Look for more opportunities in the future from your DEN Leadership Council.  If you have any suggestions/locations for upcoming events, please contact us.

Margarine for Learning

Today is the Friday of Homecoming week, and you can feel the energy pulsing through the students and staff in the building. During the week we have plenty of spirit building activities, such as dress-up days, music in the halls, voting for homecoming court, penny wars between the student classes, and a float-building party with