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Muggles No More! SoCal Goes Geocaching

Muggles No More! SoCal Goes Geocaching

On Saturday, May 21, sixty-five Southern California educators, community members, and kids gathered at Santiago Park in Santa Ana for great morning of geocaching! Diane Main and Barbara Barreda kicked off the day with the low-down on geocaching, including ideas for math, science, and social studies connections and classroom management strategies. With those ideas in

Meet some more members of the DE Support Team!

Waiting for more introductions to the of the team? Well, you are in luck! Here are more team intros, including the Level Two Support team. Level Two, as described by Michael Huaraca (DE Support, Level Two) : “The level 2 is a [group of] highly trained super operatives whose life-threatening missions ensure that customers’ computers

Day of Discovery, Syracuse NY

On May 14 2011, I traveled up to Syracuse NY for my first Day of Discovery experience.  Day of Discovery is one of the events held by Discovery Education to share new ways on how to utilize and implement our website into the classroom. Typically, the Tech Support Team usually answers phones and responds to

Meet the Level 1 team!

As newbies to the DEN Blog we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and hope that you will do the same and let us know something about you! Starting with the Level One team: Level One is the front line for your phone calls and emails; we also help support sales in keeping

Welcome to Cache and Cookies!

Welcome to *Cache and Cookies, the Discovery Education Support Team’s blog! The DE Support Team is the group of individuals that answers your phone calls and emails (yes, that is a real person you are talking to) when you reach out to Discovery Education with a question or comment.  We are here to answer any