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5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – April Edition

5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – April Edition

Monday evening continued of our 5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar series.  Each month, we’ll be highlighting DEN Community members as they share 5 unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom.  In case you missed it, here are the educators that were spotlighted along with the resources we shared.

M in STEM Classroom LIVE

April 2015 Classroom LIVE! The M in STEM To celebrate April’s Math Awareness month, Discovery Education Classroom LIVE focuses on “The M in STEM,” broadcasting live from Schuyler Middle School, Nebraska. This virtual professional learning experience showcases high-quality instructional strategies math educators can leverage, while real-life applications provide students opportunities to engage in process skills

#SpaceDay2015: From Tannhäuser Gate to the Pillars of Creation

This is a featured guest post written by Wyatt Channell, Executive Producer for Science Channel’s How the Universe Works.  Don’t forget to register for our #OfthePeople Virtual Field Trip to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center this Friday at 1 PM EDT! I couldn’t tell you how many programs I’ve made about space over the last five years. I’ve

DEN Trend Report: 4/29/15

In this week’s DEN Trend Report:
>Deep or Wide? Two Takes on Ed-Tech Professional Development from AERA
>Want Reform? Principals Matter
>What Can Technology Do for Tomorrow’s Children?
>Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web
>These Students Are Using PBL to Define Their Own Learning
>The Forest School Revolution: Leaves, Logs and Life Skills
>Ed-Tech Groups See Promise in K-12 Tech Amendment to ESEA

Of the People: A Conversation with President Obama

A Discovery Education Virtual Field Trip Join President Obama in this live discussion with students about his favorite books, how books have influenced his life, and the importance of technology in classrooms and libraries. This discussion builds on the ConnectEd initiative launched by President Obama in June 2013 to ensure all students have access to

The STAR of our Show

There’s a lot of talk about the planets these days (poor Pluto), but the main attraction of the solar system is keeping things in motion.  In honor of Space Week, I thought I would share some resources and experiments that will brighten your students’ week!     Weather Things: Sun, Air, Wind, and Atmosphere: The

SOS: Talking Sticks

In addition to talking, being an effective communicator involves active listening. The Common Core State Standards and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills both highlight the importance of developing communication skills in preparation for college and career readiness. These skills are not always easy to acquire. Being a good listener is tough, particularly when some members of the group are passionate, knowledgeable, or opinionated.

Assessment Review with a Twist

It’s testing season once again – the time of year when teachers around the country begin to feel more and more like the purple minion from Despicable Me 2. Sometimes, you can’t help but feel the stress of hoping your students have retained all the information you’ve worked so hard to embed in their memories