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Celebrate Women’s Suffrage with Image Analysis

Celebrate Women’s Suffrage with Image Analysis

    Updated August 26, 2015 The 19th amendment, extending voting rights to women, was adopted 95 years ago today! This milestone of American progress is an opportunity to begin higher order skill development at the start of the year with your students. Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook includes images and lesson materials that will

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July 2014: Activators and summarizers with mobile devices

Activators and summarizers have been used in classrooms for a long time. We all have our favorites and students know what to expect when we begin to use them. Since many classrooms now have at least part time access to 1:1 mobile devices, whether on a cart, a BYOD environment, or a true 1:1 program,

Finally – Higher (Ed) Love

First, some history, then the breakthrough. More than 13 years ago, with the appropriately digital birthday 01/01/01, the online digital revolution moved confidently into educational resources. The digital media library which grew into Discovery Education Streaming offered content teachers had been using on VCR’s, audio cassettes, film strips or film. Bandwidth was minuscule back then

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June 2014: The importance of now

The Importance of Now: How digital learning can help schools implement the Common Core State Standards and other standards-based curriculums (Parts of this post are part of a white paper written for TechSmith and used with permission.) INTRODUCTION Your curriculum has been mapped to the Common Core State Standards or other standards-based curriculum. Now what? How

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May 2014: Personalizing content for an audience

Technology allows educators to easily personalize content for a specific audience, whether it be colleagues, students, parents, or the community. By simply changing the context of a piece of work, it can be meaningful to a different audience. Consider a how-to tutorial for students. Most likely, you are teaching them face-to-face, and the how-to is

Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition

The second annual Future@Now forum discussed the transition from traditional classrooms to digital classrooms. Built off the discussions from last year, this new agenda focuses on the critical steps necessary to successfully implement digital learning. Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition gave viewers the opportunity to hear practical advice and real success stories from real