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Teachers and Students, Learning Together

Teachers and Students, Learning Together

A Flexible PD Model that Breaks the Rules! Let’s face it, most districtwide professional developments have one requirement…”keep the students home.” Models that are based on this ‘one or the other’ type of thinking are missing out on a chance to create an embedded model of professional development that is centered on the acquisition of skills and the application

DEN Trend Report: 11/4/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
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>Report: Leadership, Transparent Procurement, Flexible Budgeting Key To Digital Materials Acquisition
>U.S. To Spend Millions On Educating Pakistani Girls

Developing Teacher-Leaders to Drive the Digital Transition

Discovery Education Partner Stories: Wake County Public Schools (NC) The largest school system in North Carolina, Wake County Public School System is also one of the best in the country, with an exceptional standard of excellence for students and teachers alike. Of its 11,000 teachers, 2,455 are certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching

Bringing New Teaching Strategies to Life in Des Plaines 62

What do you think it means to introduce a digital curriculum into the classroom? Many people feel that simply making tablets or computers available for students to use is enough when it comes to using digital resources for learning. It’s true that computer and Internet accessibility is vitally important to students. However, to truly see

A New Perspective…

I spend a lot of time, probably more than is healthy, thinking about making math class more engaging, more exciting, and most importantly, more of a learning experience.  Like many others, I work to create depth in instruction.  Opportunities for students to not only learn the “what” of math but more importantly the “why.” As a K-12 coordinator

Developing STEM Inside Every School

In a previous role, I had the unique opportunity to develop a STEM-focused school. As a part of the planning process, I deeply contemplated what a STEM school would look like and what it could really become. The image of this school was forming around ‘ideas and materials’ such as existing classrooms, furniture, instructional framework,

DEN Trend Report: 9/16/15

In this DEN Trend Report we’re featuring
>Chromebooks Command Close To Half Of K-12 Computing Market, Analyst Says
>Danica Patrick Shares Her Drive For Success: ‘Be The Best … Not The Best Girl.’
>Code.org Trains 15,000 Teachers In Computer Science
>Why We Must Address Digital Equity Right Now
>What Grade Should U.S. K-12 Schools Get For STEM Education?
>Teacher Development Is Built On ‘Good Intentions’ And ‘False Assumptions’
>Positive Approaches to Digital Citizenship

District Leaders: Focus on Content First, Tech Second

Much has been written about districts and schools “going 1:1,” issuing tablets, computers, or other electronic devices to every student. As the quantity of devices in the hands of students grows, many leaders like me believe these changes cannot succeed without supporting transformative change in student learning experiences. Namely, I’d like to see a focus