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Educational research summarised: New vision for education

Educational research summarised: New vision for education

‘New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning through Technology’ published by the World Economic Forum The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, have just published this report as a follow up to their 2015 report ‘New Vision for Education: Unlocking the Potential of Technology.’ It positions technology as a

Let Me Tell You About WELV!!!

I am still mentally unpacking all of the great learning and connections made at the 17TH ANNUAL WELV CONFERENCE! As I explained in my brief remarks prior to an amazing keynote by Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, I couldn’t have felt more at home. Growing up in a household with three sisters and marrying into a family

Educational research summarised: American Educator – Principles of instruction; strategies that all teachers should know

This article by Barak Rosenshine is from a US periodical; the American Educator, but has a list of 10 instructional strategies that can impact pedagogy in any classroom. Most if not all of these you may be implementing already, but I thought it was a useful document to have ten effective strategies that have come

DEN Trend Report: 2/25/16

In this DEN Trend Report
>The Math Revolution: The number of American teens who excel at advanced math has surged. Why?
>4 Ways Technology Can Simplify Learning
>The 4 Conditions That Support Deeper Learning
>Report: Schools Need Better Training To Distribute Leadership
>What Does Research Really Say About iPads In The Classroom?
>Digital Promise Pushes Microcredentials For Teacher PD
>5 Ways To Give Teachers And Principals More Say In Ed-Tech Buying
>Districts Experiment With Virtual ‘Work From Home’ Days For Students
>20 Ways To Use A Tablet In The Classroom
>School Leadership Toolkit Targets Digital Equity
>Here’s One Way To Fight To End The Digital Divide: Strong Leadership In Schools
>How Finland Broke Every Rule — And Created A Top School System

Educational research summarised: Ofcom – Children and Parents: Media use and attitudes report

Students and online media Ofcom produce an annual report on the use and attitude towards media. The full report: Children and Parents: Media use and attitudes report 2015 is available through this link, some of their findings are listed below. While this isn’t strictly educational research, the key objectives of the report are as follows: