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June 2019: Podcasts Revisited

I have the students in my Wilkes/Discovery Instructional Masters degree class create a podcast as an assignment. In her reflection on podcasts, one of my student, Meredith Lambert wrote: There is something different about the interaction between creator and consumer with podcasts then with written text. Because you’re hearing a person’s voice it makes it

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March 2019: Thinking processes and STEM

The hundreds of quality STEM-related videos and materials in the Discovery Education online collection make it easy to find content to use for your lessons and units. However, take time for students to develop a solid thinking process before starting your STEM unit. STEM, with its combined focus on science, technology, engineering and math, should

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January 2019: Using listening to develop H.O.T.S.

Developing the  higher order critical thinking skills, as outlined by Rasmussen College, includes multiple areas to concentrate on. The author, Will Erstad, states “critical thinking is the analysis of an issue or situation …the facts, data or evidence related to it (and) is a skill that allows you to make logical and informed decisions to