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Back to School Webinar Series!

Back to School Webinar Series!

  The Discovery Education webinar series continues this week, this time focusing on engaging your students with Discovery Education! There will be two sessions, with the first session being held on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 PM EST and the second session being held on Thursday, August 23 at 4 PM EST. The general information

Helpful Tip: Updating Student Grades

This very special blog post comes from our very own Beau Horner: A lot of you proactive administrators out there are already getting your ducks in a row for Back-to-School time. We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about how to update student grades in our system. This can be achieved by utilizing our Bulk

Patti Duncan: Notebooks & Journals in the Media-Rich Classroom at #DENSI2012

Pennsylvania’s own Patti Duncan believes today’s student learns best when exposed to multiple modes of text. Helping them get all of the information they need from videos, images, reading passages, songs and interactive experiences can be a daunting task. Interactive notebooks, graphic organizers and reflective journals help them make the connections necessary to succeed. Get

Kyle Schutt: Spelunking for Resources ~ Free Tools from Discovery Education at #DENSI2012

Kyle Schutt is part of the Discovery Team and part of what he does is let us know Discovery does. And that’s A LOT. How would you even know some of these things are there? That’s Kyle’s job. His resources can be found by clicking here. This presentation is about the gems of DE, and

Techbook Academy

Discovery Education hosted Techbook Academy for its employees yesterday and today. Discovery Education High School Science Techbook and Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook are the focus of this two day event. These products are the next “it” thing in the education industry, and are awe-inspiring. My colleagues and I got this great opportunity and we

Mousey Monday!

Professor Mousey’s biggest fan, William Chamberlain, asked us via Twitter, “What part of Discovery Education (besides streaming) is used most by teachers?” Click on Professor Mousey to find out his answer! Discovery Education has a lot to offer besides videos. Please click the links to learn more about what else we have to offer: Assessment

Flipping the classroom

Two Science teachers wrote a piece for eSchool News on the flipped classroom.  You can read the article HERE, titled The Truth About Flipped Learning.  Several assumptions and misconceptions about flipped learning are identified. In recent months, a lot of attention has been paid to flipping the classroom.  Thanks largely due to Sal Khan and

Not Your Typical Work Place

For a lot of people, a day at the office usually entails 8 or so hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.  (TPS reports, anyone?)  While I admit to spending more than my fair share of time yelling at my laptop, I’ve also had a lot of opportunities here at Discovery to stretch