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Digital literacy tips & tricks: Literacy fundamentals part 2 — Reading

Digital literacy tips & tricks: Literacy fundamentals part 2 — Reading

This is the second part of our short series of posts on literacy fundamentals. Catch up on part 1 — speaking & listening. In this post I’ll share some ideas for encouraging your students of different abilities to read. One of the aspects of the newspapers module, which is new to Discovery Education Espresso, is the fact that the printable

Community Member of the Week: Katrina Boast

Katrina is a Year 6 (age 10- 11) support teacher who focuses on improving literacy and numeracy at Victoria Community School in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. She has been using the resources in Discovery Education Espresso for many years. She shared “ I started by using the wonderful History section – it was the mainstay of

Discovery Education Coding

The confidence gap: Nick Hodges from Moat Farm Junior strives to build teacher confidence with delivering the coding objectives

Posted on behalf of Nick Hodges –  ICT Manager, Moat Farm Junior, UK In the spring term of 2014, with the changes to the National Curriculum for computing looming overhead, I wanted to be able to provide my students with an exciting coding experience that was both readily accessible and fun. I had used Espresso products in

More hats than de Bono! Do we need to relook at the role of Computing Coordinators?

Posted on behalf of James Massey – Educational Consultant, Discovery Education. I was asked recently to define my role as an Educational Consultant for Discovery Education. After a moment’s pause, I explained the facets of the role and life went on. Afterwards, I thought about all the other elements I could have mentioned and considered

Discovery Education Acquires Espresso Education

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Discovery Education. Recently, Discovery Education acquired Espresso Education, the leading provider of primary school digital education content in the United Kingdom. From Discovery Education CEO, Bill Goodwyn – “For more than 10 years, Discovery Education has transformed teaching and learning across the U.S. with the highest