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What is a STEM Career? Explore with our upcoming STEMChat!

What is a STEM Career? Explore with our upcoming STEMChat!

Jonathan Gerlach | National Consultant for STEM Education Initiatives According to the United States Department of Labor, Sixty-five percent of today’s students will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. What does this mean for preparing them now? A huge focus as a nation has been on the top tier STEM

Teaching Math through Art

On a Sunday afternoon when my family finally had a free moment, my wife took us to the Woodson Art Museum to view the Walter Wick exhibition. Walter Wick is the photographic illustrator of the I SPY series, and the author/illustrator of the Can You See What I See? series.  This exhibit inspired me to think about

The Camping Trip Egg Drop

Every week we are sharing another great STEM activity that will inspire teachers and students. This week we will combine a fun family event with an old classic, “The Egg Drop.” This exciting challenge  will be introduced by DEN Star, Kim Miller, from Boise, Idaho. Students will be asked to design a contraption that will

Monday Morning Conversation Starter: #StartWith1Thing

As I type this, I’m traveling back from Churchill, Manitoba where I’ve spent the past week helping our friends from Polar Bears International with their Tundra Connections webcast series. I had the incredible fortune to observe polar bears, have a gray jay land on my hand, and see an arctic fox along with other arctic animals that are

5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – September Edition

September was our 8th edition of our  5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar series.  Each month we are highlighting DEN Community members as they share five unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom.   Kyle led this month’s edition. Susan Bowdoin, a STAR from Albuquerque, kicked us off with

Discovery Education and Science Channel’s Support Our Science Initiative

Last week, Discovery Education and Science Channel hosted two interactive STEM assemblies in Houston area schools as part of the Support Our Science (S.O.S) initiative, an ongoing effort to ignite students’ curiosity while providing educators with the means to build skills and knowledge in STEM. We were joined by special guest Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi, astrophysicist