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Suggested by the EdTech Zone: Animap your next lit trip!

Suggested by the EdTech Zone: Animap your next lit trip!

Oh yeah, I’m summarizing another blog. I just read so many, and discover so many great tools, that I have little time to originally explore and expound. (And yes, my second life, the garden, is thriving this year) Animaps is a marker tool for students and teachers to use for illustrating  lit trips or historical

Library of Congress Resources

I’ve read several articles about improving questioning strategies lately, and this blog from LOC shouldn’t be overlooked when we’re addressing “questioning” and critical thinking skills. What do we teach our students about observation, looking at small details, comparing versions of a reading or a painting and just generally asking “what do I notice?” Stephen Wesson

Summer PD in Navajo County – bus tour!

One hot summer, one cool opportunity! The Navajo County Educational Services Agency (ESA)  has arranged for a 30 passenger wi-fi bus to tour Northern AZ for four days. Educator/passengers will will stop at sites from Kayenta to Whiteriver for PD presentations based on content targeting AZ Social Studies standards. During the ride, prepared educational videos

Building Character with Service Projects

Alas,  the news media has been drowning us with news of character traits that probably shouldn’t be discussed with children. Most of us have been in teaching long enough to remember character building programs that we were asked to implement in our classrooms and playgrounds. High stakes testing has all but eliminated these programs from

Artpad Digital Canvas – wow!

Oh my! This tool came to me this morning on my Diigo bookmarks list. Extremely intuitive, allows the artist to save and send. So easy to use, I can hardly wait to share it with my nieces and nephews. Please try it and tell us how you could use it. Create bookcovers – illustrate scientific

DEN Virtual – Camaraderie and Collaboration

Arizona hosted three f2f groups for DEN Spring Virtual. A big thanks to Deena Jorgenson for taking photos and maintaining a running list of URL’s mentioned in each session and from the chat. April Weston wrote on the walls – large colorful bands of paper to record comments and hot topics related to each session.


This morning, I had an energetic conversation about the hows, whys, and wherefores of allowing students to bring their own technology devices (BYOD) to school with a local colleague. We were both preachin’ to the choir, but this conversation has to begin somewhere. As budgets are cut and technology improves, it only makes sense that

April 30th: Opportunities to Participate F2F in DEN Spring Virtual

The DEN Virtual Conferences are among my favorite activities of the year. Of course you may participate on your own at home, but the camaraderie among the attending group has encouraged new friendships, mentoring, and the blossoming of new shared ideas from audience members. You are encouraged to attend with the groups below where food

Gulf Spill Investigations & Our Effect on the Systems we Live in

In the case that you did not know about Jeff Corwin’s webinar on the Horizon disaster last year, please check your schedule for a 10 o’clock slot this Tuesday, April 19th. (register here) At Agua Caliente Elementary School in the Tanque Verde School District in Northeast Tucson, the fifth grade will come together to discuss