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Louisiana Welcomes Our Newest STARS!

Louisiana Welcomes Our Newest STARS!

On behalf of the Louisiana DEN and Leadership Council, we welcome our newest Discovery STAR Educators!  Let’s  “show and tell” others about how fantastic the DEN is. Stephanie Harper Robyn Foret Paige Falcon Charmaine Lewis Ellen Lyon Leave a comment about what your favorite thing about the DEN happens to be…of course, you may not

Join us December 2-5 for LACUE!

If you haven’t already registered for LACUE, you still have time.  Registration is open onsite and your registration fee covers lots of extras:  Opening reception, some meals, and other things.  Join the LA STAR DEN members for a gathering on December 3 after the reception.  Details will be emailed to all LA STARs in the

Join us for the DEN Virtual Conference October 25

Hello Fellow Lousiana DEN Members! Registration is now open for the Fall DEN Virtual Conference.  If you missed the VC last February, you really missed more than you probably think.  Where else can you get top-of-the line presentations from Discovery’s own team all in one day?  Even the Discovery National Institutes cannot give us that! 

Learning Styles: Real or Not Real?

Check out this video on YouTube from Daniel Willingham. It has provoked serious thought in the education world. While we understand the point he is trying to make, it seems something is missing. Weigh in on your view and experience with Learning Styles. We would love to know what other DE’s think. Please leave your

Check out Studeous!

Studeous is a beta platform for linking teachers to e-learning, similar to Blackboard and Moodle. It is free and seems to have the same features, from student level to administration level, as its counterparts. It may be worth checking out, since that it what I am planning to do. Please take some time to review

Regional Event at SMU

For all those who will be attending the DEN Regional Event at SMU August 1 and 2, the Texas DEN has started a wiki which includes a place to complete information if you are attending the regional conference. It is a good idea if educators from other states who will be attending the conference participate

Green With Envy

The Discovery Educator Network has outdone themselves once again! This time it included a trip to their studio where STAR DE’s were given access to a professional cameraman and green screen. The session started with an overview by our own Steve Dembo who emphasized that we were to take our time and had words of

DEN LC IN DC IS KRZY! In a great way…

Hello Louisiana! Let’s recap some of the events at the DNI Leadership Council today. We started with The Hall Davidson sharing his information and ideas about creative cellphone uses we should be fighting for, not against. Check out his clever ideas over at the speaker’s page where he has generously donated his podcast and presentation

LA Welcomes New STAR Educators

Congratulations to our new DE STAR Educator! Debra Coleman We appreciate your commitment to students and learning. Welcome Aboard to one of the best resources available to educators worldwide! Stay tuned to our LA DEN Blog for exciting events this coming year! Check out our list of new STARS just this year! Louisiana is on

Regional DEN Events Scheduled

Hello LA Educators!  We are making plans to attend the Regional Institute in Dallas.  Other events are taking place in other cities, so please try to find one that suits your travel plans.  We need to keep our connections with each other active and engaging!  Be sure to bookmark the DEN National Blog for great ideas