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My Wallet

Just thought I’d give you a peek (and an incentive to get your images to me) of what’s in my ‘wallet’ that is techie in nature. I’ve got my flash drive (compliments of Discovery Education, of course!), my Exilim camera for those spur-of-the Kodak (in this case, Casio) moments, my cell phone, my Olympus digital

Friday the 13th

No this isn’t a ‘scary’ post.  I just want to make sure that our New York DEN members are ‘gently’ reminded that this Friday is the deadline to apply for the DEN National Institutes for Summer 2007. Look at the fabulous locations in store for us this summer: Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD during

What's in Your "Wallet"?

Yeah, I thought that title would get your attention!  (Actually, it’s a take on a credit card ad.) I was reading the Fall 2006 (I know, I know…I’m a little behind in my reading.) issue of Savvy, the magazine put out by Women in Technology International and ran across a blurb on technology gadget ownership

Meet Your New York Leadership Council

WELCOME!!!  I understand that we (this blog) is going *L*I*V*E* on Wednesday!  That’s soooo exciting.  I’d like to take this post to introduce you to your New York Leadership Council: (drumroll please!) Starring:  Loren Nowak – Chair and co-starring: Dahlia McGregor (as the co-Chair for the downstate/NYC area) (applause, applause) and featuring: Jeanine Rousseau as

We're Up and Running…..

Welcome NY educators!  The blog has officially launched (YIPPEE!!!) I’ll be posting the more ‘official’ welcome on Sunday and at that time introducing you to the New York Leadership Council team.  Many of you might wonder ‘If the official launch is Friday, why in the world would Nancy wait until Sunday?’  Good question!  I’m currently