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Can you say Paraskavedekatriaphobia?

Probably not, but even if you can say it do you know what it means? Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the Thirteenth, a form of triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number thirteen. Not only is April 13, 2007 a Friday, but it is the last day to register for the DEN National Institutes. I

Confirmation of National Institutes

Going, Going, Gone? 4, 3, 2, 1…. That’s right… the final countdown is rolling!  4 days left to make sure you have your application in to the National Institutes. If you have already applied, you should have received a confirmation email.  If you have not, please email Jannita at ASAP. Good Luck!  We are

Lets Get The Blogging Started

Most readers of this blog will be either teachers with a high level of interest in integrating technology or Instructional Technology Resource Teachers. With that in mind, I wanted to start the blogging with other Virginia educators talking about some useful ways to use United Streaming to produce interactive activities for students. I often create

Don’t Miss This Awesome Opportunity

Last July, Kathryn Staton (STAR DEN, Augusta County), and I were fortunate to be selected to represent Virginia at the DEN 2006 National Leadership Conference in Silver Spring, MD. This summer there will be three DEN Summer Institutes for STAR DEN members. Institutes and Dates: Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD – June 18-22Bahamas Cruise

Blogging Team

Heather and I will be working with the DEN Blogs for Virginia. We will always be looking for new ideas and suggestions for guest bloggers. I am very excited about the communication that these blogs will make possible for those of us in Virginia!Kevin

We’re Back and We’re Better than Ever!

Your Virginia Leadership Council Welcomes You! We are so excited to bring together a council that represents the great state of Virginia. Please take a moment to view our presentation to learn little bit about us. Virginia Leadership Council Members:Katie Knapp – Council ChairHeather Hurley – Blog CoordinatorKathryn Staton – Events CoordinatorKevin Johnson – BlogsAron