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Connecticut Science Center Offering Free Admission to Teachers in July and August

Connecticut Science Center Offering Free Admission to Teachers in July and August

The Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, CT is offering free admission for teachers during July and August.  Follow the link below to their site where you can download a coupon and find more details. Not limited to CT educators. The Science Center is a wonderful venue beside the Connecticut River in downtown Hartford. It played

Brad Fountain

Hello all!!  My name is Brad Fountain and I am extremely excited to be a part of the Science team that will contributing to this blog.  I currently serve as the Director of Instructional Implementation for the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  Prior to this current role I served as the Science Specialist for Discovery Education

Instructional Implementation Team Introductions

Welcome to the Discovery Education Science Blog.  We have a new team that will posting updates to this blog site and we will begin this week by introducing ourselves to the community.  Be sure to check for updates this week to learn more about the team and in future weeks to learn more about how

The Gravity of the Situation

Background Information: The mythical story of an apple dropping on Newton’s head is simply one way to describe gravity.  Dropping a large textbook and a feather is a way to illustrated it, but what if you really want to define it.  Turns out, it’s not so easy. Explaining Einstein’s general theory of relativity to an

A New Angle

I know you’ve seen them, those panoramic images on Google Earth, shot on the streets of major cities around the world. And now (soon – June) you can shoot your own with an iPhone 4 and this little camera affectionately called Dot360. Gotta wonder what’s gonna happen when this gets into the hands of science

Jacaranda, a Hint of Summer

It happens every year during the month of May. Suddenly trees are proffering purple flowers where there was naught but green. Summer is approaching and the Jacaranda (dzha-ke-randa) trees bloom en masse down many of the Southern California streets. These trees actually have two blooming periods, Spring and Fall, although the Fall foliage is not

Rockets – a great project for the end of the year for any class

by David Andrade, I love rockets. My Bachelor’s degree is in Aerospace Engineering and I’ve been interested in rockets since I was a kid. My dad worked on the main engines for the Saturn V rocket when he worked at Pratt & Whitney as a chemist, I’ve designed and manufactured parts for the space program

Webinar Series : Take Your Students to New Heights with Discovery Education SCIENCE

Enhance your use of Discovery Education SCIENCE for Middle School in the classroom with a full series of free webinars designed for new and veteran users. Join us as we explore the full range of resources available, showcase effective ways to supplement your existing curriculum with engaging digital content, and share the experiences of Connecticut

Science Institute: Day Two

The second day of the DEN Science Institute featured a bunch of special guests including the Superintendent of Miami-Dade Schools, Alberto Carvalho, alongside Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Institute attendees spent the day developing concept and unit plans using Discovery Education Science content within the 5E instructional model.  They also explored the connections between hands