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5 Ways STEM Inspires Students to Change the World

5 Ways STEM Inspires Students to Change the World

Many of the problems we face in our world today will not be solved by today’s adults, but by the students in our classrooms. Whether it is inventing a better way to distribute clean water, repopulate endangered species, or traveling and colonizing Mars; our students will be the ones leading the way. We don’t have

Phelps vs. Shark: New Techbook and Streaming Resources Available Now

What scientific factors would help decide a race between the Olympic Games’ most accomplished swimmer and the world’s most efficient predator? Students and teachers can now explore this question and more with the arrival of Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White digital resources in Science Techbook™ and Discovery Education Streaming Plus. Subscribers can access

How a Shark Week Documentary Sparked a Passion that Changed My Life

By Dr. Craig O’Connell, founder and director of O’Seas Conservation Foundation, Inc. The phone rang. It was my uncle, asking to speak with me. I looked at my mom, waving my hands back and forth, obviously mouthing the word “NOOOOO.”  I did not want to be disturbed as I anxiously sat in front of the TV,

Swim with Sharks During the Worldwide Summer Adventure!

As your summer adventure heats up, its now time to swim with the sharks. Find out how you can create a social media page for your favorite shark, complete with photos, #hashtags, status updates, and reactions to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Since the summer of 1988, Discovery Channel Shark Week on has been raising awareness