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Useful Video Lessons – Design Your Own!

Useful Video Lessons – Design Your Own!

It’s always fun to go exploring the Net for useful resources and that’s just what I did this morning.   Kathy Shrock’s Home Page "Shedding Light on Web 2.0" was my first stop on my morning tour.   Hmmm… lots of interesting "stuff" here.   Let’s check out the Google Video Lessons — that looks interesting since we

Making Change for Katrina!

Teachers are among the most giving, caring people on this planet.  By nature, we give ourselves, our passion for our curriculum, and our love for kids.   If you don’t do that… why would you become a teacher?   It’s as simple… and as complex as that. Here is a wonderful opportunity for you, as a Wisconsin

Podcasting: Resources to Explore

Podcasting has evolved into a meaningful educational tool over the past year or so. Yet, many of us, including moi, are trying to get a handle on just what podcasting, RSS feeds, and audio tools are and how these tools are used within the K-12 world. So.. I did some net searches on Wisconsin and

SEND your favorite education URLs!

The power of community is felt in shared resources! We are collecting the best teaching and learning web sites.  Thank you if you have sent us your favorite sites. We have nearly two thousand now— but we want more! A quick search for education resources shows nearly two billion sites they are out there.  If