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Assignments and Quizzes and Builders – Oh My!

Assignments and Quizzes and Builders – Oh My!

Wow I’m really digging my new digs here on this site! Way to go Mr. Dembo! Yesterday I had a chance to speak with a lot of DEN Stars, members and teachers from all over the country during the DEN Stream-a-thon. I promised you all that I would post the presentations that I used during

Back to Basics

The idea of this posting, and its subsequent postings comes, from my good friend, and DEN Star Member, Stevie Kline – Intermediate Unit One Coal Center in Pennsylvania. During a recent conversation Stevie asked me if we could include some information for users that are not only brand new to unitedstreaming, but may be getting

Building A Better Builder

Exciting news! We have just improved and updated the Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt Builders. Here is how each builder has been made better. Assignment Builder Improvements Now, when you build your content, you can Bold Text, change the color of your text, add numbering and bullets, sub and super scripts, special characters, tables and

Counting Categories

Over the past few weeks we have received lots of "How Do I…?" e-mails and phone calls.  The response has always been to provide the answer and direct them to the appropriate blog posting for future reference. Now it used to be that if you were searching for a particular solution, say getting closed-captioning to

Special Planet Earth DVD Promotion

Soon after Planet Earth aired on the Discovery Channel, requests from educators around the country started to pour in.  We received questions like, "How soon will DVDs be available?" "Can I use the DVDs in schools?" And, of course the inevitable, "How much?" Well, my friends, here is the good news. Discovery Education has procured

Let's Build Something Together – Writing Prompt Builder

Ok so here we are on Friday and, as promised, here is the third of three postings on The Builders (Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt). Today we’re going to tackle the Writing Prompt Builder. The Writing Prompt Builder is a tool that allows you to tie together any image that you find on unitedstreaming with

Let's Build Something Together – Quiz Builder

True or False – within unitedstreaming you can find three great tools to help you integrate technology into the classroom? True of course!  Way to go you passed the Pop Quiz! And speaking of Pop Quizzes – let’s dive a little deeper into unitedstreaming’s Quiz Builder. The Quiz Builder is a tool that allows you