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There’s a clip for that!

There’s a clip for that!

We are used to hearing “there’s an app for that” from Apple. Did you know that, for many lessons, you can find a video clip to supplement your lesson without reinventing the wheel? Check out this website for the 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos. Use these videos with a multimedia projector,

Summertime in Northern Michigan*

Ahhhh, summer… June, July and August… Are you feeling more relaxed just reading those words? I know I am! It’s interesting, though, because summertime has come to mean something very different to me over the years. When I was younger, summer was all about the beach: tanning, swimming, meeting friends, and relaxing. I lived in

Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: WiZiQ

Engage digital natives and create a blended learning environment in your classroom by offering online classes! Create a virtual classroom with whiteboard features to teach live classes, give online quizzes, or archive classes for future reference. Teach content and online learning skills to your students today, with the WiZiQ virtual classroom!

Discovery Educator Exclusive Promotion

DEN and SchoolTown Discovery Educators are the best! You teach with a special passion and commitment to engage students with knockout lessons featuring great multimedia resources. We made SchoolTown’s eLearning, sharing, and collaboration platform for you. SchoolTown helps you create digital courses to supplement your classroom where you can leverage resources like Discovery and any