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It Is A Good Time to Think About Summer and Young People

It Is A Good Time to Think About Summer and Young People

In The Untapped Power of Summer to Advance Student Achievement THE LEARNING EXECUTIVE SUMMARY By Beth M. Miller, Ph.D. (note: this hyperlink is to a pdf – so by clicking it it will download the document which you can then open) many excellent ideas and much useful information is shared. Some of the information is

The Book Was Better….

Movies that are based on best-selling books are not a new thing. It’s proven to be a popular and enduring practice since Hollywood’s golden age and the film industry counts on the popularity of the book to pull in viewers for the movie adaptation. However, many people do realize that there can be significant differences

Daniel Pink's DRIVE Part 1

Having just finished Part 1 of Drive, I wanted to share some of the ideas gleaned from these chapters as well as some of my thoughts about how these ideas impact education.  Any misconceptions or misinterpretations of Daniel Pink’s book as well as opinions expressed here are solely my own. Part 1 of Daniel Pink’s

DRIVE: Daniel Pink's newest book on Motivation

After watching Daniel Pink on TED Talks recently, I decided to read his newest book.  I will post periodic summaries and high points as I complete each section, however I could not help but share Pink’s own Twitter summary of his book.  “Carrots & sticks are so last century.  Drive says for 21st century work,

Today's Webinar with Don Tapscott

Discovery Education continues to bring amazing authors and thinkers to us via Webinars!  Today I participated in a webinar with Don Tapscott, author of  Wikinomics and the soon to be released MacroWikinomics.  Tapscott stated that, “We are at a punctuation point in human history.”  “While institutions are collapsing, people are self-organizing.”  One of the collapsing

Join the Education Week Book Club

Thanks to Paul Marini for forwarding this information about this book discussion possibility.   The Education Week Teacher Book Club Be one of the first to join the all-new Education Week Teacher Book Club.  The discussion begins July 12th, so check out the Book Backgrounder, and start your reading! The Education Week Teacher Book Club

Making Author Connections with Skype

Want to get your students excited about writing?  Rachael McNamee, fourth grade teacher at Oakdale School, Dedham, Massachusetts, really wanted her students to understand the intrinsic value and pleasure of becoming lifelong readers and writers.  Through the “Skype an Author” website, Rachael connected with Mary Amato, children’s author, song writer, and performer.  By writing a