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Jennifer Brinson Would Like to Teach the World to Ning and Rediscover Discovery

Jennifer Brinson Would Like to Teach the World to Ning and Rediscover Discovery

I just love attending conferences when I have the presenter’s materials at my fingertips. Even better if the materials are online, embeddable, with samples, additional resources, and alternatives. Best case scenario: I have the information before the presentation. Guess that’s why I always enjoy seeing Jennifer Brinson‘s name on a workshop, webinar, or conference. It

Wall Wisher- What's On Your Wall?

I am currently in a workshop with Steve Dembo and we are using Wall Wisher.  What is Wall Wisher? It is a place where you can create virtual sticky notes and invite others to participate by providing them the URL.  They then can add their own comments to your post.  How could you use this

NE Day Of Discovery- Saturday, May 22

Hopefully you are attending the NE Day of Discovery on Saturday, May 22 at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, MA.  Steve Dembo will be the keynote speaker and his presentation is Learning to Speak Native.  If you cannot attend, we will be streaming his presentation live through Live Stream on this page at 10:00 AM EDT.

Picture Perfect

Have you ever wanted to quickly upload your pictures and get them into a slideshow?  Here are a few websites to do just that. You will have your slideshow done in a matter of minutes. Slide Roll– upload your images, add various transitions and text, copy the code and embed your slide show on any

Rock YOUR World!

The DEN Spring Virtual Conference 2010 entered into the home stretch with a real bang! Carol Anne McGuire, STAR Discovery Educator and creator of Rock Our World inspired us all to find and keep our joy. Carol Anne has taught for over 20 years in public education, mainly with visually impaired students. Today, she is

Dean Shareski: When You're Not the Smartest Person in the Room

Still in the virtual conference world, this time not blogging but listening, learning, and snapping webinar screen shots of Dean Shareski, Digital Learning Consultant, Prairie South School Division, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. His presentation, When You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room: How Network Learning Changes Everything, continues to connect the thoughts by making

Mapping the DEN Story

The DEN is getting geared up for the Spring and we are looking for a creative way to visually tell the DEN story. We looked to our DEN Guru for Professional Networking, Lee Kolbert. We decided that we wanted to map out the reach of the DEN and found a great example from Lee. We

OMG! My wife shaved her hair off!

How is that title for an attention getter?  Well, it is absolutely true.  My wife of 7 years shaved her beautiful brown hair off.  What was she thinking?  Mid-life crisis? A new look? Getting a motorcycle?( I wish!) Over the past 2 weeks I have been asked all of the questions I just posed to