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2008's Young Scientist

2008's Young Scientist

The deadline for your 5th-8th science students to get their video application in for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge is exactly 2 weeks away. In addition to the little pep talk from Will Smith on their main page, we’ve scheduled a webinar with ’08’s Young Scientist of the Year, Melissa Rey. You can get one

Lights, Camera, Publish! '09

Here are the links to the student video sites I mentioned during Tuesday’s webinar and a SlideShare version of the PowerPoint I used. Discovery Education and 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge: Air Pressure. The Flat Classroom Project’s Mobile Citizen Journalist. Brainy Flix’s ACT/SAT video vocabulary builders: Cadence. Great Minds Foundation Anti-smoking PSA. The Net Generation Video

A Word is Worth…

…a thousand pictures in the form of a good video illustrating what it means. Though I’m sorry if you might find yourself in a rather impecunious state or feel that your students are obstreperous and loquacious having just come back from spring break with only the end of the school year on their minds, I

A word by any other name…

…would still benefit from a visual representation that, of course, includes full context. I am marveling right now as I watch my two year old granddaughter acquire not only language but gestures. For example, when Hall Davidson was visiting just before Thanksgiving, she was chatting him up pretty good. I’m not sure any of us

Don't Smoke!

Don’t even start! Easy advice, right? It was easy for my two sisters, three brothers and I to follow. We watched dad cough and wheeze through two packs a day until he died of lung cancer before he reached 60. Those couple of sentences may have touched you but I doubt they would be any

T+L '07 Winners

Three schools will be sending some of their young film makers down to Nashville this fall to show attendees at the National School Board Association’s T+L Conference how a powerful message can be packed into sixty seconds. This year’s Student Moviefest challenge was to make a PSA (public service announcement) addressing “How Can One Person