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September 1!

It’s September 1st! That means that the Florida Teams are ready to start their commenting and grapevine contest. Woo Hoo! Let’s go North Florida! Okay, so let’s give you something to comment about. On my "address bar" I have the blog abbreviated to DEN_NFL. NFL makes me think football, when I am really more of

Active DEN Members, Comment prizes, and a Winner

Back in July I mentioned that we would be running a special DEN Promotion from July until September 30th. The blog said that we would have a special networking event for: The 5 educators that turn in the most events from now until September 30th (easy date to remember – my birthday). I’m looking for the

Dynamic DEN Deals

"I’ve created a monster!"  I must have said that everyday for the last month of the Dynamic DEN Deal days of summer.  In South Florida, teacher workdays have begun or will begin very soon and that means the end of the Dynamic DEN Deal!  This crazy contest ran from June 1st until midnight July 31st.

Who is an Active DEN Member?

Events and resources – it’s what truly makes us a community. We share ideas, tips of the day, knowledge at events while we network with other educators. Online we share resources, blog, communicate thoughts on the discussion boards. Your Discovery Educator Network in North Florida is only as strong as the participants. So to encourage

Prizes for Tuesday

Someone asked me what are the prizes for Tuesday’s Party at the Millenia Mall’s Panera Bread. Now I can’t tell you that! What fun would that be?  But here are some hints for prize categories. First the party is open to any unitedstreaming user. So….. There’s a prize that will be given away during the

WINNERS and Teacher Appreciation!

You can imagine the fun I’ve had shopping at the Discovery Store at the Millenia Mall in Orlando, FL and online. I love the gizmos and gadgets, which make great presents for kids of all ages! Well here is a special announcement just for you! Discovery Channel Store Celebrates Teacher Appreciation WeekTeachers Receive 20% off

Discover! Deliver! Document!

Part Two I just got these questions in email and figured everyone needs to know the answer. YES — if North Florida DEN members do a Discovery Health training, that counts as a DEN event. I’d love to hear about any Discovery Health event you are doing! YES — if you hold a PTO meeting


From May 1, 2006 through June 30, 2006 you can earn rewards for reporting events that have taken place or you are going to host involving unitedstreaming. These events need to be placed on the Discovery Educator Network calendar. Remember to include the address in documenting the events. DISCOVER – Through the “Tip a Day


Phew! One more week and our state contest will be coming to an end. (Officially ends May 7, 2006)Who’s going to be the winner of the district level prize? Who’s going to win the camera? The gigabyte usb drive? Who will be crowned the top unitedstreaming user in the state of Florida? One member teased