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Lehigh Valley Summerbridge Teacher Orientation

Lehigh Valley Summerbridge Teacher Orientation

Thank you to all the wonderful college and university students who are spending their summer working with middle school students in the Lehigh Valley Summerbidge program.  I applaud your commitment to learning and to your community. Click here to log into Discovery Education. Here are some resources that will be helpful in your use of

The Alaska Experiment

Discovery Education streaming subscribers already know that new media content is added all the time.  Tonight ” Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment” premiers on the Discovery Channel and streaming subscribers can already access corresponding video in streaming to use with their students: The Alaska Experiment: Part One: Into the Wild The Alaska Experiment:

April 15

Image via Wikipedia Most adults would immediately recognize the significance of April 15 – Tax Day, but many of our students have little concept of its importance. Luckily, teachers can tap the media library in DE streaming for content to help their students understand what taxes are, how they are assessed and collected, and how

No MovieMaker, No iMovie, No Problem!

  Discovery Education streaming has over 5,000 videos with Editable rights.  This means you can download and then edit the contents of the video, from audio to the actual video itself.  What if your computer doesn’t have video editing software?  What can you do? Welcome to JayCut, an on-line video editing application.  No need to

Want to Shape the Future of Ed Tech?

We want to hear from you. Discuss the future of Discovery Education streaming in one-on-one feedback sessions.  Each session will last approximately one hour. If you are interested in volunteering please send your name, school district, subjects/grades that you teach and time slot that you are interested in to Shelley Santora Jones Thursday, February 12th