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DE Summer School: SOS- Tweet! Tweet!

DE Summer School: SOS- Tweet! Tweet!

The “Tweet, Tweet” strategy incorporates a Twitter format with students developing hashtags based on what they inferred about the Sherpa culture from the text they had read and their own personal connections. Students wrote 140 character posts and replies, which reinforced the lesson’s goals of writing concisely and deliberately, and then selected favorites to “retweet.” So the lesson would have more of an impact on the kinesthetic learners, I included a gallery walk for students to reply to the student posts. “Tweet, Tweet” greatly enhanced the discussion about Sherpa culture and provided an environment in which students benefited from each other’s feedback.

DE Summer School: #TBT- VirtCon

This #TBT is dedicated to the event that brings educators from around the globe together twice a year to learn virtually and in-person. Every fall and spring, the DEN hosts two virtual conferences featuring dozens of presentations from community members.  Participants have the option to learn from the comfort of their own homes or join one

DE Summer School: SOS- Four-to-One

This is a fun, creative, and easy to implement instructional strategy. I used this strategy with my English Learner (EL) and intervention students. Although I’m not a classroom teacher, I support classroom teachers as their principal/instructional leader by helping to re-mediate small groups at various grade levels. I use the PhotoGrid app to merge images found on Discovery. If technology fails, then feel free to use any four images you’d like from flashcards or magazines. This strategy allows students to make connections using the four pictures. The end product is a complete sentence that incorporates the four images.

DE Summer School: DENSday – DEN Connects

Help your students become empathic and responsible global citizens by connecting them to students in other classrooms around the country with DEN Connects. We’ll provide monthly topics to help you jump into fun and productive conversations and a list of educators with whom you can connect. On the first of each month, DEN Connects will provide a few resources,

DE Summer School: SOS- Shake It Up Baby

I decided to try the strategy out with at 4th grade class. I introduced the project to students, using a lot of student sample videos and explaining to them exactly what was expected of them. I asked them to partner up, find any song on Discovery Education that had lyrics, study the lyrics and make any kind of video to express the lyrics. I let students use my ipad to play the song from discovery and video cameras to film their songs.

DE Summer School: SOS- Blurt Out!

“Games are architectures for engagement…” – Steinkuehler. They allow us to meet a variety of learning styles in a manner that is most engaging to students. Blurt is a board game made my Mattel in 1999. This strategy enables students to share their knowledge individually or as a team by blurting out their answer. Blurt-Out! works well as a review game at the end of a unit.

DE Summer School: SOS- Journals

We use S.O.S. journals throughout the year to explore prior knowledge, misconceptions, scientific understanding as well as progress in both formative and summative formats. The journals are written into the second half of a composition notebook with diagrams and or word maps on left hand pages and written information on the right hand pages.

DE Summer School: Digital Challenge- Builder Tools

Welcome to DE Summer School’s  Digital Challenge!  Every Friday, during August, we’ll be featuring a new DE Digital Challenge Board that will allow you to explore more of Discovery Education resources and programs. Are you ready to accept the challenge?!?  Don’t do it alone! Share these resources with your colleagues. You are proficient in using

DE Summer School: SOS- Vocabulary Stepping Stone

Welcome the DE Summer School special edition of SOS.  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. During August, we’ll be featuring our STAR Community’s favorite strategies and how they have made them their own. Vocabulary Stepping Stone original post Vocabulary Stepping Stone PDF link to all PDFs